Note: Best Hot Tubs was previously known as “Long Island Hot Tub.”

When European and American designers collaborate: perfect style and function is born. Certainly, that’s the case with Bullfrog Spa’s newest hot tub, the “STIL.”

“This mid-size spa is the result of Bullfrog’s collaboration with European design partners,” says Bill Renter. “We’re thrilled to be offering it because it’s ideal for clients who prefer an ultramodern look; plus it’s engineering is so straightforward, and it includes all the essential features as well as great function.”

In fact, adds Renter, no other manufacturer has dared do something quite like this before.

“Hot tub manufacturers have been doing things much the same way, almost in cookie-cutter design. STIL, however, offers a true Zen feeling. It’s like soaking at home in a modern tub — as if Kohler and Bullfrog partnered to create it.”

At Long Island Hot Tub, we’ve long believed that Bullfrog Spas leads the portable spa industry in many ways.

“We are really delighted that the STIL is now available for purchase,” says Renter.