Note: Best Hot Tubs was previously known as “Long Island Hot Tub.”


Oh, the shopping, the cooking (or ordering in), the house-cleaning, the gift-buying. With Hanukkah upon us and Christmas just next week, many are asking: why have I done this to myself?!

These are the moments when your hot tub is more than part of an invigorating routine. There, out on the patio or deck, it’s waiting to take the stress out of efforts to make the holidays special. It’s the bow you tie just for yourself.

So even if you’re out shopping, loaded down with bags, and you realize your hot tub isn’t even on, Bullfrog Spas hot tub owners can simply use their smartphone’s CloudControl app to adjust it remotely, so it will be ready when you get home.

Also, with Bullfrog’s JetPaks — that you can quickly change (we’re talking instantaneously) — you can ch