Note: Best Hot Tubs was previously known as “Long Island Hot Tub.”


Suffolk-based Long Island Hot Tub is the only distributor of Bullfrog Spas on Long Island. In order to give a closeup view of our hot tubs to Nassau County residents, we have taken a spot in Roosevelt Field through the holidays until January 15.

The two spas we are showcasing there are two of Bullfrog’s many models — the A8L and R6L. One has a pearl interior with a hazelnut cabinet and the other boasts a mirage interior with a driftwood cabinet.

We’re located right next to Santa Claus’ photo area and a beautiful Christmas tree; Santa has told us personally that he thinks these spas are the best. And we’ve learned something from all this. Not only adults are naturally drawn to these spas. Children who’ve come to see Santa come over and ask us as many questions as adults.

There is a reason for that we realize. It was the experience, for example, of Long Island Hot Tub’s owner, Bill Renter, when his daughters were pre-teens, that they enjoyed their hot tub before dinner. “When we were cooking, they were literally just outside our door — even on cool days. They would put on their bathing suits and splash around and have fun. They did this from March through December, just about every day.”

Renter has spa clients who say the same thing. Not just in colder weather, but even on summer evenings, when children have been in a swimming pool, they will ask their parents to turn on the hot tub to warm up. Children also love inviting friends for a warm dip. So we feel we can say with all confidence: Bullfrog Spas are both kid-and-Santa-approved!

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