Is My Spa Ready for the Colder Months?

When the weather gets cold, you want to be sure your hot tub is in great shape for this season. Why? Well, during the winter is when many of you most often use your spa.  Things that need doing to get your spa ready:   Interior of Strong Spa Filling hot tub [...]

Getting Your Spa Ready for the Colder Months

Let’s face it. We love our hot tubs for their bubbling, warm and pristine therapeutic water. So as the cold weather approaches — and in some of our service areas it already has arrived — you want to be sure your hot tubs are in ideal shape for this season. One reason why it’s important [...]

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Will a Hot Tub Fit in My Yard?

Hot Tubs do not require tearing up the yard to install it. We all know the promise of hot tub hydrotherapy — where steaming water treats everything from aches and pains to stress. But a portable hot tub can also be a focal point and play a central role as the key water [...]

Are You Thinking of Buying a Hot Tub/Spa?

Hot Tub Basics for the Uninitiated   Families That Love the Outdoors (Photo: Bullfrog Spas) It doesn’t take much more than a love of the outdoors to own a hot tub. However, for the newbie -- or the uninitiated -- there are some basics that will help you as you take the plunge. [...]

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