Let’s face it. We love our hot tubs for their bubbling, warm and pristine therapeutic water.

So as the cold weather approaches — and in some of our service areas it already has arrived — you want to be sure your hot tubs are in ideal shape for this season. One reason why it’s important in the cold weather season is that’s when many of us use our hot tubs the most.


Filter Cleaning

Strong Spa Filter

Strong Spa Filter

Best Hot Tubs owner Bill Renter recommends that, in order to be ready for such active cold weather use, your hot tub’s filter cartridge(s) should be cleaned. 

“As a rule, these should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks or as needed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. And definitely replace the filter cartridge(s) every 1-2 years or when necessary.

“To maintain warranty protections, use only the filter replacements recommended by the manufacturer.”

(Note: contact our showrooms and we can help you with this. See contact info below.)

The following steps show how to clean, in this example, a Bullfrog Spa filter. Each manufacturer will provide these same instructions for your model. But if you have any questions, again, feel free to contact one of our three showrooms (see contact info below):


Steps 1 & 2

Steps 1 & 2


Step 1: Place the spa in Hold mode.

Step 2: Remove FilterCap™ and filter plate (left).




Step 3

Step 3



Step 3: Remove cartridges by turning counter-clockwise.






Step 4

Step 4


Step 4: With a nozzle or other high-pressure device, clean cartridge(s). Work top to bottom on each pleat. To remove collected suntan lotions or body oils, soak cartridge(s) in warm water with a Filter Cleaner or detergent.




You’ll Also Want a Pristine Spa

With all the use your hot tub will have, you’ll want your spa pristine and ready for such an active season. So it’s advisable to change the water as well as clean the spa well.  That’s when you can clean any scum lines from the interior of the tub.

If you are doing it yourself, here’s some steps for cleaning a Strong Spa — one of the top-of-the-line spas we have in stock:



Interior of Strong Spa

Interior of Strong Spa

Interior of Strong Spa

— Drain the hot tub completely, and clean the entire hot tub with a non-abrasive all purpose cleaner. Rinse carefully and allow it to dry. Apply one to two coats of spa polish to protect the finish..

— Remove the jets and clean them to remove calcium and dirt deposits. Remove the filter and deep clean it. Alternatively, replace the filter with a new one.

— Condition the spa pillows and soft hot tub cover.

— Refill the hot tub with water and spa chemicals. Check the chemical and PH balance and adjust as necessary.

It’s also wise to clean your hot tub cover. Do this before you begin cleaning your hot tub. It’s key to clean the cover of any mildew or bacteria that may have collected in the warm summer months.


It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on what product to use. Using an approved protectant is easy, much like applying Armor All to the dash of your car.


Of course, if you’d like our Best Hot Tubs technicians to handle this for you, just visit our website: www.weeklyhottubservice.com or give us a call. (For more contact info: see below.)

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