In addition to our Bullfrog Spa models, recently Best Hot Tubs expanded our product lines to include Strong Spas and Aspen Spas. We thought that today we’d highlight one of those brands: Strong Spas.

Manufactured in the good ol’ USA — in Pennsylvania — all Strong’s portable hot tubs are built to last with materials that ensure they are energy-efficient.

To get a detailed close up view, here’s a video showing how Strong Spas are made, as well as some of their terrific features:





Strong’s Hot Tub Series

Strong has three series is its line, its “Premium,” “Summit,” and “Durasport” models. “These beauties are sleek and stylish,” says Best Hot Tubs’ Bill Renter. “The seating is ergonomically designed for great relaxation and superb rejuvenation.”

Along with eye-catching appeal and power and efficiency, here’s a few very special features you can ask our sales team about: