Bullfrog Spa

Bullfrog Spa

Those who live in our areas of service — Windham, Westbury and Farmingdale, NY — have known us for almost a decade as purveyors of one quality hot tub brand: Bullfrog Spas. 

But during COVID-19 we learned something. Just when home became the heart of family activity, and simultaneously the demand for hot tubs skyrocketed, the supplies of portable spas plummeted.

“In order to meet this demand, we had to scramble,” says Best Hot Tubs’ owner, Bill Renter. “We found that the only way to do this was to diversify our product line beyond Bullfrog Spas.

“And, you know what? Even though we loved — and still do — our Bullfrog models, our team found other terrific spas worthy of our name — Best Hot Tubs. So, now, our three showrooms will include two new additional product lines that are available in our showrooms to purchase.”


1. Strong Spas

Strong Spa

Strong Spa

PoolandSpa.com has consistently included Strong Spas in their Top Ten “Best of Class” list of portable hot tubs, giving them 5 Stars ratings each year for the past 10 years.

“This speaks to how dependable the company is in putting out a quality product,” says Bill. “When it comes to buying a good spa, it’s not just the hot tub itself, but who you buy it from.”

Strong, says Bill, is a global leader in the industry that can boast building their hot tubs right here in the USA. And they also have bragging rights for constructing environmentally-friendly and durable spas.

“Not to mention Strong can claim the most durable hot tub covers in the industry. Their hard covers last so long, they give their covers a lifetime guarantee. Not having to replace your cover can save you close to $2,500 over time. Strong’s Titan HardCover, for example, is molded hollow from durable resin that withstands harsh environments while providing energy-saving heat retention.

“We’re very proud to offer these models to our clients. And — most importantly — we have them in stock. A real feat in these times.”


2. Aspen Spas

Aspen Spa Jets

Aspen Spa Jets

Another spa we’re very happy to provide is the Aspen line. “We appreciate the fact that it’s a family-owned firm that has been in business for over 27 years,” says Bill. “This is a company you can deal with and get results.”

Aspen also boasts using high-quality materials so their products are built to last. Customizable, from colors to accessories, this company is also attuned to environmental concerns. “Aspen’s mission states their hot tubs: provide the ‘power to soothe your soul, ease your mind and relax your body.”

May we add: Here! Here! Well said, Aspen. That’s what we’re about at Best Hot Tubs. 

“Especially during these challenging times, we’re happy our products help those spending so much time at home get through it all,” says Bill.


Bullfrog Spas

We’ve been selling these models for nearly a decade. A quick search through our blogs will provide you with lots of helpful information about their product lines.

We, of course, are still championing these wonderful spas and will be working to increase our stock. 


Final Note

Durable Strong Spa Cover

Durable Strong Spa Cover

Please contact our teams to discuss which of our models will best meet your needs.

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