Retirement is not an end to anything, it is truly a beginning. Although many of us stay partially employed for as long as we can, there is a time when the daily routine of going to work every day turns into having lots more time doing just what we want.

Celebrating this change can begin with the perfect retirement gift. At Best Hot Tubs, we think one way to launch a great retirement is with a hot tub.

Indeed, visitors to our showrooms show us first-hand, every day, how the right spa can launch a great retirement — or add to an already existing one. For those thinking about retirement gifts, here’s some good news:

Bullfrog Spas is offering a terrific rebate for spas purchased over Labor Day weekend. These superb spas are available at our three New York Best Hot Tubs locations:




$800 Factory Rebate on Bullfrog Spas

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Bullfrog STIL-JetPaks

Bullfrog STIL-JetPaks

Launching a Great Retirement: Bullfrog Spas Hydrotherapy System

While every retiree’s plans are different, there will definitely be times when your back, neck, or shoulders ache for a massage.

Each person is unique and Bullfrog’s JetPaks (massage jets/seats) allow for a personalized hot tub experience. You can choose the various interchangeable massaging spa seats you want — and not just at purchase.

The JetPaks are instantly interchangeable. So you can quickly snap in the right massage JetPak to relieve the tension and pain exactly where it hurts on any given day.



Travel during retirement is on almost everyone’s must-do list. True, you won’t take your hot tub with you when visiting the Taj Mahal or Machu Picchu. But you will be oh so happy to turn on its hydro-therapeutic waters on your return home — after carrying luggage through expansive airports and cramped in airplane seats for hours on end.

We’re petty sure that enjoying your spa’s soothing jet massages will be one of the first things you do after plopping all that luggage finally on your own bed. We believe you’ll turn the hot tub on, even before you let the kids know you’re back.




Perhaps a promise you’ve made to yourself upon retiring is to spend hours every day outdoors. But, perhaps, there is a better place to look over all your gardening efforts than from a  lawn chair.

Your new spa is a great spot for enjoying beautiful focal points. And to ease any achy knee joints and shoulder muscles, you’ll really appreciate stepping into your hot tub after hours planting and weeding. You might even add plants all around your hot tub.



Where There's a Need, There's a Way

Where There’s a Need, There’s a Way

Small Back Yard? Or Mobility Issues?

Don’t let the size of your yard, its layout, or special needs deter you. It shouldn’t matter if your backyard is no bigger than a postage stamp or that easy access to a hot tub is essential. A reliable spa distributor will make sure it gets there.

No matter the layout, however, positioning a hot tub close to your door is a good thing. The more convenient your spa is, the more you will use it.

Even when a hot tub takes up most of your yard (or deck), you can find ways to entertain. Use, for example, folding chairs and tables when company arrives. Once you have a bubbling spa, you may find no need to invite more people than can comfortably enjoy their own individual massage with you in the new spa.


A spa can truly launch a great retirement. It will be there at the end of the day, whether it was spent gardening, sailing, volunteering, spending time with grandchildren, bicycling along leafy paths or improving your tennis or basketball game.

Even if starting the career you always wanted is what retirement freedom means to you, you’ll enjoy the therapeutic bubbles of a spa at the end of each new workday.