Bullfrog Spas from Best Hot Tubs

Bullfrog Spas from Best Hot Tubs

Just as interior lighting enhances the mood of an interior room — changing its tones, and altering how objects look within it — lighting has the same effect outdoors.

However, the good news is you won’t require a lighting designer to set the mood. If you are fortunate to have a hot tub as a key part of outdoor activity, creating desirable mood lighting can be relatively easy. Because spas boast lots of available lighting options— with no special landscaping required.

Indeed, the portable spa, bathed with LED lights, is a truly alluring nighttime water feature. Lighted and bubbling away under the stars, it can sit alone, under a pergola, and even next to an outdoor pavilion or fireplace.

However, even without additional amenities, or recessing the hot tub into a deck, or even creating a garden setting for it, a lighted spa, simply on its own, offers enough lighting for a beautiful nighttime scene.



Bullfrog Spas Exterior Sconce Lighting

Bullfrog Spas Exterior Sconce Lighting

Hot Tub Lighting Tips:

— Spa exterior LED sconce lights, which are around the outside perimeter of a spa, help create a safe, illuminated environment while increasing the beauty of this water feature at night.

— Interior LED custom packages are available — as are floating LED lights, which can be purchased separately as inexpensive options.

These custom packages are capable of producing a variety of color spectrums — from calm cool colors that enhance relaxation and romance, to a slowly fading in and out of each color, or a quickly changing multi-colored light show ideal for hot tub parties.

(Note: Best Hot Tubs — Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury/NY — specializes in spas which offer energy-efficient LED interior lighting packages.)


Getaways without the Travel:


Many hot tub owners claim that they no longer feel the need to travel to exotic locations to unwind. All it takes is a stroll in a backyard, followed by a soothing soak in the spa, to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for whatever life brings.

Relaxing quietly in one’s own backyard, stargazing as jets relieve muscle tension, can feel like being at an exclusive spa getaway — just without the suitcases.





Romantic Dates

In a hot tub blog comment, someone once described wanting to watch a particular movie and enjoy the hot tub with their spouse one evening. What to do? Apparently they pointed a projector out the kitchen window after hanging a bed sheet on the clothes line and enjoyed the movie while soaking in their hot tub.

But all one really needs for a romantic hot tub date are some clean towels, a couple of bathrobes, and slippers.

Tip: If you haven’t used your hot tub in a little while, give your water a quick shock the night before any hot tub special date. Then do the same again just before your date arrives the next day. Add some spa scents for an extra touch of romance.


Party Central!


Even if you aren’t watching a movie with someone, simply relaxing on your own surrounded by soft LED spa lighting and perhaps a fire bowl, it can be enough to just watch the fireflies as a jet pack massages your shoulders.

Of course, night is the perfect time for a party, too. Combine some tiki torches or a simple string of lights with your hot tub LED lighting for a great party atmosphere.