Let’s face it, most of us love to catch up with our friends.

Yet a great conversation can be difficult to arrange because of the needs of children, outside employment, and other responsibilities.

Why not, then, make a special occasion of it, a regular commitment marked on the calendar? We happen to believe that there’s no better place to host such a gathering than in and around a hot tub. 

Indeed, hot tubs are being enjoyed for much more than hydrotherapy. Our clients find that it is the perfect place for parties. So a regular Spa Night Get Together — where for a few hours telephone calls, texts, and family requests get temporarily put aside for catching up with best friends — is a natural part of the spa experience. 


Why A Spa is Great for Conversation

Whether you want to regularly catch up with one friend or several, the relaxing waters of a bubbling spa is always ideal. A spa shuts out surrounding noises and relaxes,  encouraging the catching up to happen. 

Plus, spas come in all sizes, so the size of spa you decide on might depend on how many really close friends you have, or may want to chat with at any one time.

Many portable spas can be customized to the size you want and custom spas can have customized spa jets.




Socialization Means Higher Quality of Life

One recent study about socialization says “research has shown that those who have strong social networks… seem to have a higher quality of life, live longer and are healthier.”   

The study also says that this quality of life is also important for those in retirement where socialization “plays a large role in maintaining quality of life and protects against cognitive decline..”

What’s even better, however, must be to combine the value of socialization with that of hydrotherapy and take care of any aches and pains while keeping up meaningful relationships.




Hydrotherapy Aids Weight Loss?

Imagine choosing the massage jet that hits right where it’s hurting you.

Well, Bullfrog Spas allow clients to customize their new spa with the hydrotherapy package that works best for them (and perhaps their friends!) through interchangeable jet massage packs. 

And, while it’s well known that spa hydrotherapy encourages wellness by relieving joint pain, etc., there is also some data that suggests a regular water spa regimen can help with weight loss.



So is it really possible that while catching up with friends — snacks may cause less guilt when the chatting is being done in a spa?  

First. Having a swimming pool is no substitute for socializing in a hot tub because a swimming pool on its own isn’t designed for hydrotherapy like a spa is. Also, it’s not easy to chat with someone while you’re treading water or swimming laps.

 But according to Bullfrog Spas: “Soaking in a hot tub or hydrotherapy provides many health and fitness benefits, which may help to improve your quality of life and aid in your weight loss goals. It simply makes you feel better, and if you don’t feel well you won’t feel like exercising or eating right….*”   

However, conversation does bubble up when de-stressing is almost instantaneous in a spa. Throw in some good background music, maybe even some bubble bath products, plus your dearest friend or friends, and you have the perfect location for finding out everything that’s happened since you last got together in the spa. 



Men Like Catching Up, Too 

Catching up with friends isn’t the purview of females, of course. While the topics of conversation in some cases will vary between the two sexes, men need time to catch up with their friends, just as much as women. Men also quickly find that their new hot tub works like a magnet for bringing friends to the door.

And the size of hot tubs today means comfortable seating no matter how tall and muscular the men are.


All photos in today’s blog courtesy Bullfrog Spas.