From now through March 22nd, Best Hot Tubs (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham, NY) is having a Relax It’s Easy sale where you’ll find special pricing on our Bullfrog Spas — and get a premium water care system upgrade included for free.

The Details 

Best Hot Tubs Sale

Best Hot Tubs Sale

Along with great pricing on spa inventory (some with scratches and nicks) you’ll get:

 — Free EOS (Enhanced O3™ System) + FROG @ease (mineral sanitizer system) 

(STIL, A & R Series, M Series receive discount for cost of EOS)

— Free WellSpring HO Ozone + FROG @ease Kits (mineral sanitizer system) 

(X Series)




What Is Bullfrog’s EOS?

“EOS is a passive bacteria killer system that is built into the hot tub when ordered,” says our own Bill Renter. “This Bullfrog ozone system operates with two-times the powerful ozones available in most other hot tubs. The opportunity for a free EOS system upgrade alone is a terrific deal.”

Many Best Hot Tubs’ customers have already purchased this EOS system when buying one of our spas. These clients have a noticeable clarity of spa water for longer periods of time because of it. “That means those who don’t want a lot of chemicals, and want a hot tub that’s still easy to maintain, this is the answer,” says Bill.


Ozone Effects

Ozone Effects

Bullfrog’s EOS gets its double power from two ozone units fitted together with filters that use carbon filtering to remove any unused ozone. 

“Bullfrog’s EOS ensures that any harmful off-gassing of ozone doesn’t happen,” adds Bill. So you don’t get oxidation on the hot tub cover or the headrests, etc. Getting this EOS system free is a $600 savings, not to mention it is an effective ‘passive” way to ensure your hot tub is clean. It’s perfect for those who want to maintain their hot tubs themselves.”

It’s not just our clients who love this EOS cleaning option. One of Bill’s daughters regularly brings friends over to use his hot tub. 

“Once they get in they stay for a long time. With all the make-up and skin products they use, it could really mess up my hot tub water. But with the EOS system and the Frog @ease [see below], both available free with this sale, it keeps the water quality at a high level.”

Here’s a short video from Bullfrog Spas on the wonders of the EOS system:



What is Bullfrog’s FROG @ease?

Hot tub owners often use floating cartridges to chlorinate their water. But Bullfrog’s FROG @ease is an automating system fitted into the filter area that dispense odorless silver minerals into the water to kill bacteria. 

This means no need to dodge a floater every time you get in the hot tub or continually measure spoonfuls of chemicals yourself but your spa gets fresh mineral water through an automative chlorine release. 

“No matter what is happening inside the spa,” says Bill, “this system will always have the right amount of chlorine when you have this operating. And you’ll find that your spa uses 75% less chlorine, so your swimwear doesn’t fade and you have the peace of mind that you always have the right amount of chlorine in the tub. Getting this free with our sale [through March 22nd], this is at least an additional $50 savings.”

Here’s a little video on the FROG @easel system:



Bullfrog Spas are manufactured right here in the USA and offer a revolutionary hot tub experience that’s inexpensive to run and easy to care for. 

This spring, make affordable ease and comfort a part of your everyday routine. Visit us at our three Best Hot Tub locations below.

But hurry…special pricing and upgrade offers are only available through the 22nd.