Dear Best Hot Tubs Customers and friends,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) has begun to spread and raise concerns in our service areas and around the country, we know each of you are taking your own steps to ensure your, and your family’s, well-being.

And in that regard we’d like to give you some good news regarding the use of hot tubs from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). (CDC statement posted below.) 

The upshot is you can truly relax in your hot tub — and not just from its massage jets.

Hot tubs, say the health experts, not only do not spread COVID-19, proper maintenance of your spa water’s chemicals will help kill the virus should you have come in contact with it.

The key is to keep your hot tubs properly balanced — then relax as often as you’d like to relieve stress of any kind.

Some of you are are also Best Hot Tubs’ service customers. And we want to assure you that as we visit and maintain your spa, we strictly enforce personal hygiene practices, such as regular hand sanitizing, before and after visits. According to the CDC this practice helps combat viruses of this type. And when we’ve finished monitoring your hot tub, we also disinfect the hot tub surfaces, including control pads, etc.

Finally. We know many of you will be temporarily adopting the policy of “social distancing” or “nesting’ during this crisis. While staying at home, we are so very glad that you and your family can feel truly relaxed in your hot tub, without worry, while we, as a nation, wait for the “all clear” o