The most frequently asked questions of our Best Hot Tubs staff is:  What are the price and costs of owning a hot tub?

In case you have been wondering this yourself, here’s the lowdown from our Farmingdale, Long Island, NY,  showroom manager, Keith McPartland:

Price: Overview

We specialize in what we believe to be the best portable hot tubs available — Bullfrog Spas — and the price of these spas vary between $6000 to $17,000, depending on size and options. 

Bullfrog Spas X Model

Bullfrog Spas X Model

Bullfrog’s X Series, for example, is perfect for first-time buyers looking to explore spa ownership without breaking the bank.

Bullfrogs’ warranty, which covers parts and labor, is for 3-years on the base models, and 5 years on the upper series. The warranty starts the day the spa is delivered to the customer and is not pro rated.

In addition, all Best Hot Tubs packages come with:

— a cover

— a cover lifter,

— stairs 

— start up chemicals 

— and standard local delivery.


The bigger the spa the more massage seats (JetPaks) are in it: for models with 6-8-seats, there are 4-6 JetPks. And of course, for most models, you can buy extra JetPaks to have on hand to switch out for different types of massage therapy.

Bullfrog Spa Model A8L:

Bullfrog Spa Model A8L:

This roomy Bullfrog model (purchased for a vacation rental in the Catskills) can seat 7 people together in a variety of seating options. It includes a bent-knee lounger, as well as 6 unique JetPaks seats for personalized massages — or a different massage in every seat.


There is a luxury series, for example, with such choices as the STIL and its open, not moulded seating, with 3 JetPaks.

Bullfrog STIL on Display:

Bullfrog STIL on Display:

Two of three seats in the STIL are fitted with JetPaks that can be used like loungers. Sitting within it is like being wrapped up in serenity, allowing you to let go — to be still.


— Depending on the series, premium cabinets are available in such elegant styles as Ivory and Slate.

— Each model comes with premium computerized controls, but you can opt for CloudControl which provides the ability to control your spa from anywhere with your own Android or iOS smart phone.

—  Stereo Audio Systems upgrades

—  Special LED lighting upgrades

—  Handrails/Shade Umbrellas

Bullfrog's Patented CloudControl™

Bullfrog’s Patented CloudControl™

Monitor & Control Your Bullfrog Spa with Your Smartphone: With a Bullfrog Spa, you can opt for a unique ability to control your hot tub from anywhere with your own Android or iOS smart phone. 

Maintenance Costs:

During normal use, hot tub water needs only to be changed about three-four times a year. Each fill up in the Long Island, NY area will require about $10 worth of water. You may want to change your water a little more often if you are using the hot tub frequently with friends and family. All you need is a garden hose to fill your hot tub or empty existing water.

Changing Hot Tub Water

Changing Hot Tub Water

As for electrical charges, running a Bullfrog Spa in the Long Island area will cost about $25 per month.

Each Bullfrog Spa purchased at Best Hot Tubs comes with a chemical start up package. 

However, to maintain pristine clean water, it will require about $350 additional per year for such products as: the Spa Frog System, Shock pH plus, minus and Alkalinity, Foam Away and Test Strips.

Sanitize Spas Regularly

Sanitize Spas Regularly

Keeping your hot tub properly sanitized will prevent any sort of unwanted contaminants. 

Custom Installations

Should you want a custom installation, Best Hot Tubs can design or assist a designer to come up with what you want. In addition, we regularly work with engineers and landscape firms during the entire process. Custom installation costs are determined by the complexity of the design and the materials required.

Curved Deck with Hot Tub:

Curved Deck with Hot Tub:

For this custom installation, a handsome use of wood with a round spa is harmonious and hints at traditional Japanese ofuros for a Zen-like appeal. Note how the hot tub case is made of the same decking material.