When it’s time to replace your hot tub cover, you often need it right away. But getting the right size etc. can be a pain.

Best Hot Tubs (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury/NY) is happy to say you can obtain an excellent cover without all the exact measuring and wait you might normally experience. We’ve got, in-stores, along with our standard covers, a new line of blow-up safety hot tub covers that come in just 3 simple sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. 

“Because of all the different manufacturer specifications, standard covers require getting the exact right size for the spa which often requires our going to a client’s home and measuring it to ensure it fits properly,” says Bill Renter. 

“But if your old cover is leaking or has gotten heavy from absorbing too much moisture — so that it’s a struggle to lift off and on, and may even be moldy — you don’t want to wait. You need it now.”

Why These New Covers Are Different

Blow Up Safety Spa Cover

Best Hot Tubs: Blow Up Safety Spa Cover

Our new line of spa covers aren’t made from the old rigid styrofoam insulation that can absorb moisture over time — which is why they old ones become excessively heavy.

These new blow ups do not need to fit exactly on the spa to work correctly, so a simple choice between small, medium and large works.

“This spa cover comes with its own pump in a bag with a strap. It can be carried home over the shoulder. You also get to keep the pump. So should it ever need a little extra air, you can add it.”

The covers are a bit more costly than standard ones, adds Bill, but most find they are well worth it. When you consider there’s no styrofoam that would cause them to become moisture-laden, these covers last 3 times longer.”

About Covers in General

Best Hot Tubs Delivery

Best Hot Tubs Delivery

A quality hot tub cover not only keeps unwanted things out of your spa and reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep clean water, but a cover also keeps in the heat — saving energy. 

However. All covers still need some care. For one thing: when opening your spa, don’t pull too hard on its handles. 

Keeping your cover cleaned according to manufacturer’s directions is another helpful bit of advice. I’s also very wise to keep your hot tub cover clear of debris: fallen limbs, wet leaves, snow, ice, etc. 

Although the whole purpose of a cover is to keep all that out of your clean spa water, and not thereby messing up your pH balance, etc., even our fancy new covers can deteriorate over time if not kept free of contaminants.

Note Re COVID-19 Store Practices

Even though our new hot tub covers can be easily picked up and taken home immediately, it is still necessary to phone ahead and schedule a time to come in. During the pandemic, we are adhering to only one customer group at a time. Masks are required.

To schedule an appointment call our stores or our sales team directly at:

email: info@besthottubs.com

By phone:

Farmingdale/Keith McPartland:  917-716-7656

Windham/Jack Desposito: 646 866-3030

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