During the pandemic, families have been searching for ways to make life at home an experience — something beyond the routine. A family-hot tub has become one such lifestyle upgrade. 

Indeed. Ideal for individual quiet moments, as well as fun for the whole family, many have found it to be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

The R7 is classified as a medium hot tub, but feels much roomier on the inside. The R7 provides two comfortable corner captains chairs that each feature wrist, hip, and foot jets. In addition, each corner seat features a therapeutic JetPak of your choice. The R7 is more spacious with more features than any other medium hot tub in its class, making it perfect for most families, without breaking the budget.

The R7 is classified as a medium hot tub, but feels much roomier on the inside.

As we have discovered in a recent flood of interest in our hot tubs, one particular Bullfrog line — their R Series — has been a very popular choice.  

“The full R series, which includes 7 different models, is a great collection of quality spas,” says Bill Renter. “Each model is built with the same quality materials as Bullfrog’s premium lines (the A, STIL, and M series) and includes the popular JetPak massage seats. Spacious and well-made, the Rs are also priced well, making them desirable to many new clients.”

“Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Therapy System offers amazing hydrotherapy,” adds Bill, “and to be able to change your massage jet for one that will meet your needs of the moment is a terrific option that is still available in these more moderately priced R models.”



Bullfrog Spas R Series:

Bullfrog Spas R Series:

“As far as the R Series goes: It is the perfect blend of features and affordability,” adds Jake Ricks of Bullfrog Spas. “While it doesn’t have all of the features and customization options of the A Series, etc., it’s equally as comfortable with plenty of custom massage options.”


Ultimate Spa Technology Provides Ultimate Relaxation:

Ultimate Spa Technology Provides Ultimate Relaxation:

When you are enjoying Bullfrog Spas JetPak massage therapy, you don’t spend much time thinking about the technology that’s removing your stress. Yet, there’s a lot behind Bullfrog’s environmentally-friendly design. For example, energy calculation based on data compiled by the California Energy Commission and US Energy Information Administration confirm Bullfrogs’ ultra-efficient water delivery system lowers the costs to own and operate the spa.


Bullfrog Spas Color Choices:

Bullfrog Spas Color Choices:

A spa should fit right in with your lifestyle and tastes. Being able to choose interior colors that are marbled (Platinum, Midnight, Sunset Cloud) or with a solid finish (Snow, Titanium, Pearl, Granite) and exterior cabinets in Driftwood or Chestnut, your new R Series Bullfrog Spas should be right at home.

“Bullfrog has a sporty X Series that is priced below the R,” says Bill, “but we’re finding the majority of our new clients these days are choosing the R — which you might say is smack in the middle of perfection.”



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