Sale/Upgrade on Bullfrog Spas — Through July 6th


“I can’t recall a time when a backyard escape has been more desirable than right now,” says Best Hot Tubs’ Bill Renter. “Local families are desperate for a place to relax with family — to leave the world of social distancing and uncomfortable mask-wearing behind. So a great sale and audio upgrade on Bullfrog Spas couldn’t come at a better time.”

Best Hot Tubs Owner, Bill Renter

Best Hot Tubs Owner, Bill Renter

Of course, in order to take advantage of Bullfrog’s “Endless Summer Sale” with audio upgrades (details below), most new Best Hot Tubs clients will have to don their masks, and social distance, at least once.

“At Best Hot Tubs, we’re enforcing social distancing in our stores and limit visitors to one client group at a time — usually by appointment,” adds Bill. “Our staff wear masks and require visitors to wear them as well.”

We’re happy to add that something good has come out of learning to live with this pandemic. Because of the health concerns, rather than relying on in-store visits alone for sales, we have developed a professional interviewing process that greatly reduces not only the number of visits but also the length of time shoppers spend in our showrooms.


Best Hot Tubs’ phone/Skype advance interviews help interested clients determine if our spas are a good fit with regard to cost, size, and if there will be any special installation requirements. 


Once they’re pretty certain they want one of our spas, it’s then that we schedule an appointment for them to come in, a time when they will be the only clients there.

“During that in-store visit, they get 100% of our attention,” says Bill. “Should someone else just drop by unscheduled, they will see a sign outside our showrooms (Windham, Westbury, Farmingdale/NY) that says: “Please knock.” 

This allows our sales person to go to the door and schedule an appointment for a time when the surprise visitor can return and have the store on their own. 

“This process is working out great for new hot tub buyers,” says Bill. “We’ve found a way to save potential clients time, and still get them the best hot tub for their budget and needs. They no longer have to go from store to store just to get basic information. We also offer curb-side pick up for spa chemicals once they get their spa, not to mention weekly hot tub servicing should they want it.”


Sale Ends July 6th

Sale Ends July 6th

Endless Summer Sale

Transform Your Backyard into an Endless Summer Oasis

Many new clients are finding this promotion is the perfect blend of features and affordability.

Through July 6th, Best Hot Tubs/Bullfrog Spas’ special Endless Summer sale includes special pricing plus a premium audio system on select Bullfrog Spas included for free. 


“This is the perfect spa package for setting the mood in your backyard oasis with your favorite summer playlists,” says Bill. 


Bullfrog Spas R Series

Bullfrog Spas R Series

The offer:

FREE AUDIO for A Series & STILL Series. ($1395 savings)


In addition!! Best Hot Tubs is offering incredible discounts across the board on all models.


“Time and again our customers tell us how much their custom Bullfrog Spa alleviates their pain, reduces their stress, and brings their family closer together,” says Bill. 

And they love owning the lowest maintenance, most energy efficient hot tubs in the world and being able to afford an Endless Summer Oasis for their backyard.”

Note: Our sale ends July 6th. But the joys of an endless summer will be yours throughout the year.




By phone:

Farmingdale/Keith McPartland:  917-716-7656

Windham/Jack Desposito: 646 866-3030

Westbury/Bob Bernstein : 516-429-3439