“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

–motivational speaker Mark Black



Have you ever wondered why being able to relax is so beneficial? 




According to medical experts, when we relax our blood flow increases around our body, providing more energy. Our heart rate is also slowed, which reduces blood pressure. In addition, a calmer state of thought aids in positive thinking and helps our concentration — some say relaxation also improves memory.

Even during good times, being our best selves is important. Most of us have families or homes to support and life hasn’t made it easy these days to do that. But even in easier times, we’re needed, if only to give encouragement to others. This means, taking care of ourselves is not a selfish act.



How Does a Bullfrog Spa Help With That? 

Glad you asked.


Bullfrog’s JetPaks

Bullfrog’s JetPaks

Bullfrog Spas are not only known for being environmentally-friendly and made of quality construction, their JetPak massage seats/jets — the key to relaxation — are rated as some of the best in the world. And these interchangeable massage jet seats make each spa customizable and upgradable.

Offering snap in and snap out massage seats, Bullfrog’s 17 different JetPak seats (each targeting specific muscle groups), allow users to choose massage jets ranging from soft and soothing to powerful deep tissue massages.

In all but Bullfrog’s X series, these seats are lightning fast to exchange — a real asset when developing a regime for special hydro-therapeutic needs. You can place the JetPak you want in the seat that fits your height and adjust the massage power to the way you want or need it.


Other Benefits

Hot tubs also improve joint health, say experts. Spending time in a hot tub can decrease pain and help improve flexibility by decreasing the effects of gravity, and by lessening the pull of tight muscles on sore joints.

When you also take into consideration the added benefits of pulsating actions of spa jets on muscles and bones, etc., you can imagine how rejuvenating the totality of the hot tub experience can be.

Of course, it is always common sense if you suffer from any of these problems to ask your physician what the right course of treatment is and how hot tub hydrotherapy can help.

Here’s a video of a happy Bullfrog Spas customer where he’s sharing why he likes his Bullfrog hot tub so much, and why Bullfrog Spas patented interchangeable JetPaks are a key part of Bullfrog’s superb hydrotherapy.






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