Just the other day, customers of Long Island, NY’s power authority, PSEG, learned the good news that they have saved $280 million since 2014 on electric bills due to energy-efficiency. And Best Hot Tubs’ own Bill Renter can testify to it!

Bill’s main residence is on Long Island (where two of Best Hot Tubs showrooms are also located). A while ago, Bill switched all his home’s old light bulbs to energy-efficient LED ones. 

“My energy costs dropped dramatically,” he says. “And like the power authority says in its announcement, such energy efficiency not only saves money, it lowers the demand on fossil fuels. That’s a good thing. As an outdoor enthusiast, I care a lot about the environment. In fact, energy efficiency is one of the major reasons I chose to specialize in Bullfrog Spas in my business.”

How Important is an Energy-Efficient Spa?


“Choosing a Bullfrog portable hot tub over other manufacturers is the equivalent of switching from conventional light bulbs to LED energy-save