Showcasing their new hot tubs’ clean, sleek lines and incredibly spacious interiors, Bullfrog Spas unveiled their newest spa line  — their “M” Series — at a recent Pool and Spa Show in New Orleans. 

Bullfrog Spas’ Elite M Series

Bullfrog Spas’ Elite M Series

“This is elite luxury,” said Bullfrog, “by combining captivating aesthetics with versatility and ease of use. The M Series are the pathway to a peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home.”

Our own Bill Renter of Best Hot Tubs agrees. “Bullfrog’s new M Series does bring peace to the eye and to the soul,” says Bill. “For one thing, you don’t have to crawl over a seat or Jet to get inside these new models (M 7, M 8, M 9). Their design boasts clearly defined interior platforms that serve as elevated seats — but also as steps for easy exiting and entering.” (See feature photo at top of page.)

Elite M Series Interiors

Bullfrog’s M9 Interior

Bullfrog’s M9 Interior

The largest of all Bullfrog spa models, the M9 seats up to 10 adults and includes 7 JetPaks; the M8 up to 8 adults with 6 JetPaks; and the M7’s capacity, with slightly smaller overall dimensions than the M8, seats up to 8, with 6 JetPacks.

The M Series’ JetPaks are the same for the M as for Bullfrog’s A and R Series in function, but their shape is slightly different to accommodate the new interior design.

The M also has its own neck therapy JetPak called “NeckRelief” for targeted over-the-shoulder tension relief and which is only available for the M Series.

M9 Special Seating

M9 Special Seating

Carefully measured, hand-sculpted seating offers the most comfortable and socially engaging experience available. Configurations include multi-lounge, loveseat, Adirondack chair, and elevated cool-down options.

Three of the M9 seats have been designed together in a group (right), in a comfortable seating arrangement that ergonomically support each user with pulsating jets hitting the right pressure points. Plus, they are perfectly grouped for the most socially engaging seating arrangement available today. 

A video (below) produced by Bullfrog Spas (10.22 mins) shows how the M massage seats support different heights and sizes of individuals so that everyone can find the perfect spot to relax and engage with others, including the elevated platforms at different heights that offer a safe place for children to enjoy the spa with adults. 

Of course, adults can use those same higher seats/platforms when they want to cool off from the heated spa water, or let their hair dry rather than stay fully emerged for long periods.  

“In the past, when you wanted to take a break from the hot tub, you exited the spa to relax on a nearby lounge chair or whatever,” says Bill. “Now you can just move to one of the raised platforms and not miss out on any of the fun or conversation.”


Here’s the video:


Elite M Series Exteriors

Sleek Contemporary M Series

Sleek Contemporary M Series

“Externally, the M brings peace to the eye,” says Bill. “These portable spas won’t be hidden away in some corner of your yard. With stylish color pallets and contemporary looks, they automatically become the proud centerpiece of outdoor living. Not to mention how the M’s’ lighting creates just the right mood and environment.”  

Cabinets are available in several featured color profiles.“You can select the combination of exterior cabinet color and finish you want as well as two coordinating interior surface colors,” adds Bill. 


“And, then, there’s the “couple’s lounge seating” arrangement. You can sit and catch up face-to-face or if you want to get close there’s plenty of room to sit side-by-side. This design doesn’t exist in any other spa. Only the Bullfrog M! And, of course, there’s the M Series’ state-of-the-art audio system.”


In the following photo taken by Bill Renter at the New Orleans show, you see close up the M8’s interior couple lounger.

M8 Couple's Lounger

M8 Couple’s Lounger


If you live in the Catskills or near Long Island, NY, you can call one of our three Best Hot Tubs showrooms to schedule a wet test and experience Bullfrog’s incredible new M Series for yourself. Bring the family and friends! Just call ahead.