The holidays may be over but there’s still at least two months of winter left. And while Mother Nature may have spared some New York geographical areas, like Long Island, you can never count on an easy winter lasting. Anyway we welcome the cold. Frankly, is there a better experience than dashing to a hot tub when snow is falling and then slipping into your spa’s glorious steamy pulsating water?

That said, if you’re not an old hand at hot tubbing in winter, to truly enjoy your spa during wintery blasts, it’s advisable to take some precautions. 


1.  Think Head, Body, Feet! 

Enjoying Spas in Winter

Enjoying Spas in Winter

One advisable precaution is to wear a cap, even when enjoying the spa’s heated water. Also, when going to and from the spa, be sure you have on a bathrobe and slippers. Remember, you’ll be in a wet bathing suit. 

In addition, you might want to think about where you’ll keep your robes etc. while in the hot tub. If you leave them out on, say, a chair, they might be stiff and cold and not much use when getting out of the warm water. One idea is to keep them nearby in a cooler, or hang them near a fire feature, or on a warming towel rack, etc.


2. Speaking of Fire Features…

Stand Up Umbrella Heater

Stand Up Umbrella Heater

Best Hot Tubs Fire Features

Best Hot Tubs Fire Feature (right of hot tub/skis)

Even though your spa water will be very warm, some Best Hot Tubs clients invest in a variety of warming devices to position near your hot tub.

One of our clients recommends an outdoor umbrella heater (left) which uses the same propane as their barbecue.

“It’s a stand-up heater where we put a 3M hook on it for hanging our robes,” says our client.

Of course, fire features like fire pits, fire tables and fireplaces are very popular. We invite you to check with our Best Hot tubs showrooms if you are interested in adding one of these.


3. Using Hot Tub Covers in Winter

Winter Care of Spa Covers

Winter Care of Spa Covers

Use your cover in winter. An insulated cover reduces the energy needed to run your hot tub by helping to keep the heat in.

Also, because falling snow, sleet and even rain will change the water chemistry, using the cover reduces the amount of chemicals you’ll need.

Note: You can prolong the life of your cover if you don’t depend on the warmer temperatures, that tend to follow snow or icy weather in the Northeast, do the work. Instead of waiting for the melting process, brush the snow/ice off your hot tub before it melts. Otherwise it can get waterlogged during melting which can ruin the cover.


4. Yes, Shoveling May Be Required

Enjoying Your Spa After Snowstorms

Enjoying Your Spa After Snowstorms


When it snows, the first thing to do is to clear a path to your hot tub — not just so you can use your spa — but so you can maintain it during freezing or snowy weather. Besides, your pet will be grateful as well. 





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