In celebration of Earth Day (next Wednesday, April 20th), many are stepping up their gifts to the planet like planting trees and opting to wear sustainable fashion. 

But did you know that even hot tubbers can practice earth-friendly fun and entertaining? 

First. Many of our clients appreciate purchasing a spas from Best Hot Tubs because our Bullfrog Spas and Strong Spas are energy-efficient. This is not only good for their pocket-books through lower energy costs, but such well-engineered spas are better for the environment.  



When Life’s a Beach:

When Life’s a Beach:


“People who love spas also love the outdoors,” says our own Bill Renter. “And they care about a healthy environment.”

So how will hot tubbers be supporting Earth Day 2022, next Wednesday?




Let’s look at some ideas for eco-friendly hot tubbing:

Hot tubbers already know not to use glass around our spas – bare feet being common. But that doesn’t mean we need to turn to single-use disposable plastic as the remedy.


Alternatives to Plastic


Acrylic Dispenser

Acrylic Dispenser



For those who enjoy b beer, a mini beer keg that is returnable eliminates the use of bottles and cans. Also, for those who prefer hard or soft drinks, drink dispensers come in acrylic and are a good choice. Acrylic is much lighter than glass in weight making these very portable spa-side or pool-side.






Shatter-Proof Glassware


Corelle Glassware

Corelle Glassware



For those who absolutely prefer glass, you can find crack and break resistant glassware. Corelle is one company that makes these and offers them in a variety of patterns.

There’s also stainless steel glassware.




Non-Plastic Straws

Earth-friendly Straws

Earth-friendly Straw



Did you know that there are paper straws in different colors — making it easy for guests to distinguish guests drinks. (Note: And, these straws do not get soggy or fall apart in drinks.)

We’ve also learned there are straws made of hay — yes, hay.







Eco-friendly Tableware

Wasara Ware Bio-degradable Ware

Wasara Ware Bio-degradable Ware

Eco-friendly disposable products made from bamboo, reed pulps, or cane fibers abound. Such products are easily compostable. And as you’ll see from this photo they can even be elegant.

As for plastic utensils: Okay. No one wants to use these anyway. There are even some compostable “natural birch wood spoons” available at Walmart.

But, we can always use the real thing. Clean up is easy, when everything else is eco-friendly-disposable.



Other Ways to Help the Environment


Lace Solar Lanterns eliminate the need for matches, batteries, etc.; small hanging bubble glass citronella candles mean you don’t need plastic tea candles; any non-plastic tableclotis a great choice; and bee’s wax food wraps eliminate any plastic needed to cover food.


No Balloons!

No Balloons!




And when it comes Balloons: Just don’t use them. Why not decorate with flowers, paper lanterns, table covers etc., or disposable garlands.

Or, even better? Consider not buying anything. When a party’s large enough, how about renting party stuff, including utensils.  Just be sure to tell the company you don’t want anything breakable.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! As the saying goes, there’s no Planet B.