When homeowners purchase a rental property — or simply let out their main residence from time to time — they frequently want to advertise they have a hot tub. This is because a spa is a great marketing tool that increases the profit they can make.

But before beginning any such enterprise, homeowners frequently contact their insurance representative to learn of any liability issues involved. 

“If the property has a hot tub, renters learn that it is essential that their spa water be always pristine,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury, NY). 

“However, vacation property owners frequently live at a distance, requiring professionals like Best Hot Tubs to service and maintain their spas, especially the water quality. At the moment, we have about 45 such weekly customers.”

Best Hot Tubs' Windham Service Manager, Hunter Armstrong, checking water quality's pH

Best Hot Tubs’ Windham Service Manager, Hunter Armstrong, checking water quality’s pH


“Hot water speeds the growth of bacteria,” says Bill. “These contaminants can build up in a small body of water that’s not monitored regularly and adjusted as needed.”

When Bill discusses service contracts with new clients, it’s not surprising, he says, that owners strive to keep their expenses as low as possible. One thing they often suggest is scheduling maintenance every two weeks instead of weekly.

“However, for a vacation rental, 14 days between services is long in hot-tub-time. People on vacation — thrilled to have a spa to enjoy — tend to use it many hours a day. They often invite friends and family to join them, and all this activity dramatically affects the water quality.” 


"Before"photo of hot tub where Service Visit had been prolonged

“Before”photo of hot tub where Service Visit had been prolonged

"After" Hot Tub Service Visit

“After” Hot Tub Service Visit










In one instance (see “Before” above), the hot tub had been used extensively by renters but it hadn’t been serviced weekly. “The water had a foul odor and was very cloudy,” says Best Hot Tubs Service Manager, Hunter Armstrong. “Sometimes when water is that bad, it’s almost impossible to treat with just regular chemicals. It has to be drained, scrubbed, and refilled. That’s what we did with this one (see “After” photo).”

During these weekly services, using spa sanitizers and testing equipment, we check and adjust the water quality. “Sometimes we kick the chemicals up several notches through what is called ‘shocking the water’ if we feel the spa has had heavy use during the week,” adds Hunter. Also, every couple of months, Best Hot Tubs will remove and rinse the filters. In addition, we wipe out any unsightly ring showing in the tub; plus we top off water levels. As required,  every few months we will drain and clean the tub.

“People are always quite surprised to learn that hotels and public pools test their water three times a day,” adds Bill. “So having hot tub experts test your spa weekly (as well as in between stays by different renters) should not seem excessive. It’s worth the peace of mind such visits give the property owners and the renters.”


Catskills Vacation Rentals With Hot Tubs:

Catskills Vacation Rentals With Hot Tubs:

When your vacation rental can boast a hot tub, you have a great marketing tool. Here a Bullfrog Spa offers renters the delights of spectacular hydrotherapy through patented JetPaks (massage jets). And when there’s no renters, owners of beautiful properties like this one can enjoy the home and hot tub themselves. 



Bullfrog Spa Model A8L:

Bullfrog Spa Model A8L:

This roomy Bullfrog model (purchased for a vacation rental in the Catskills) can seat 7 people together in a variety of seating options. It includes a bent-knee lounger as well as 6 unique JetPaks seats for personalized massages — or a different massage in every seat.



Hot Tub Offers Relaxation in the Catskills:

Hot Tub Offers Relaxation in the Catskills:

 “Après Ski” often means partying. But what if you had the option of bubbling warm waters that massage aching joints? In this case, the massages also include the view of a stunning natural expanse with mountains in the background as the sun sets. Sigh.



Weekly Hot Tub Service Maintenance:

Weekly Hot Tub Service Maintenance:

You’ve heard of the post office motto: Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom will keep them from their appointed rounds…well that’s pretty much what you get with a hot tub service company like Best Hot Tubs. It’s a great relief to let someone else worry about your spa’s water quality — no matter the weather. 

Here our Windham, NY, service manager, Hunter Armstrong, is checking the water quality in one of the hot tubs that we rent out. (Note: In addition to selling Bullfrog Spas, Best Hot Tubs rents out spas like the one pictured here on Long Island, NYC, Northern New Jersey, and the Catskills.)