The Cruise Life

The Cruise Life

If you’re wondering if sea cruise aficionados are really as passionate about their travels as some say, there’s been speculation in People magazine that singer/songwriter Ed Sheehan recently named his baby girl, Lyra Antarctica, after a special voyage he enjoyed with his wife. 

And according to other reports, naming your baby after a sea cruise is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

During COVID, some cruise lovers — tired of waiting for it to be safe to travel  — have taken to staging cruise-like pursuits right at home.

Many schedule a week of daily activities as if they were on board their favorite cruise line.


Blissing Out at the Spa

In a recent Washington Post article on this subject, the story’s cover photo shows a woman enjoying a beer on her “home ship” — i.e., her hot tub. Indeed, a recent search of the 10 top things people enjoy on a cruise-cation includes “blissing out” at the spa. 

Blissing Out at home

Blissing Out at home in Bullfrog Spa

At Best Hot Tubs, we can imagine those blissed with one of our superb Bullfrog Spas might schedule plenty of hot tub time for each of their at-home-cruise-days. 

As readers of this blog know, Bullfrog Spas, with their internationally lauded JetPak massage seats, more than take care of the “massage” part of this favorite cruise activity. 

And it wouldn’t be hard to add time outside of the hot tub for such  popular cruise delights as a mani-pedi, or facial, even a simple teeth-whitening treatment. 

For ideas on how to give yourself a relaxing at-home facial, including hot towel treatments, click here.


“If we were setting up schedules like that at our home,” adds our own Bill Renter, “I’d ask my family to be sure to include one of those fancy shaves for men with a hot-towel treatment.”


And quicker than you can grow stubble, we’ve posted immediately below a practical video for properly applying a ‘hot towel’ in a fancy shave.



Eat, Drink and Make Merry

Cruise Fine Dining

Cruise Fine Dining

A good portion of those who love cruises particularly relish the dining experience. And since even passionate hot tubbers know that they must take breaks from time spent in their spas, there’s nothing quite like making a gourmet meal part of that experience.

Of course, this is no time to cook up a fancy meal in the kitchen yourselves, if it’s to be like a cruise experience. We recommend searching out the best local eateries menus you can find (who are still offering take out or deliveries these days) and arrange for restaurant-prepared delicious meals.

And don’t forget a good wine to go with each meal. (Note: be sure to save too much drinking of alcohol for when you are out of the hot tub.)


Exercising While at Sea

People love having the time on a cruise to get in some exercise. Scheduling ample time to use your home gym equipment is one way to go to experience this favorite cruise voyage activity.  But there are many low-impact exercises that can be performed right in your spa, if you wish.

Many spa owners practice hot tub yoga, moderate calisthenics, water aerobics, and even Pilates right in the spa.

Fitness Guru Cailean Johnson

Fitness Guru Cailean Johnson

A while back, we interviewed a fitness guru on this very subject. Cailean Johnson, owner of Trilogy Fitness in Seattle further explained why exercising in a hot tub is a good idea.

“When your muscles are relaxed, you experience less pain and you can move your body in a greater range of motion. Also, when in a hot tub, there is less of an intense sensation due to movement.

“It is important, however,” continues Cailean, “to do any exercising in a hot tub in a slow, full-range motion so you get the full effect of exercise. To achieve the slow, full-range motion, make sure to extend your muscles and flex completely.”

For our interview with Cailean, click here.


In Sum

Romantic At Home Cruise Experience

Romantic At Home Cruise Experience

If you’re missing out on your cruise-enjoyments, join the many cruise aficionados who are staging them at home.

If you need any hot tub chemicals, servicing, or even a new spa to make your home-ship ready for sailing … give us a call!

And don’t forget that those purchasing a Bullfrog Spa between August 24 to September 7th from one of Best Hot Tubs’ showrooms (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury), along with our continued deep discounts on our Bullfrog Spas, will get an entire first year of @ease chemicals on us!”




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