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Your Personal Hot Tub

Your Personal Hot Tub

Not everyone has a swimming pool. But even if it’s a family member’s pool you get to enjoy during the summer, Labor Day weekend sadly marks the coming end of the pool season.

That said. Isn’t it great to have a fallback outdoor water feature, even when it snows?

We’re talking about your personal hot tub. Smaller than a pool, one upside to a hot tub vs a pool is your hot tub will not require nearly as much space in your yard. It also is more intimate when enjoying it with others. Plus, pools are much more costly and complicated to maintain.

This is because the two amenities do not function the same way. 

How you maintain a spa, for example, is different from a pool. Tutoring hot tub owners on how to maintain their hot tub is something we do regularly at Best Hot Tubs showrooms.

Indeed, Aqua Magazine says that one important aspect of having a hot tub store to visit is the ability to speak personally with experts about how to achieve and keep clean spa water. Why is that so important, you might wonder?


Hot Tubs Are Not Small Pools

Hot Tubs Are Not Small Pools

Many people view a hot tub as simply a small swimming pool, which it is not. 

—One key difference is the temperature you run a hot tub — which can be as much as 20 degrees hotter than a pool. For the uninitiated, heat greatly affects the proper water balance you want to maintain. 

—In addition, again quoting Aqua Magazine, because of the hot tub’s massage jets, the water tends to be more “frothy and fizzy.”

—Not to mention, bathers-to-water-volume in a hot tub is very different from a pool, which significantly affects how clean the water is.

These three key areas contribute to changing the CO2 in spa water. And how you adjust that will, in turn, alter the water’s pH, which must also be adjusted.


Is This All Too Much to Learn?

Not at all! These factors needn’t frighten anyone. 

Bill Renter Helping a Customer with one of our rental hot tubs

Bill Renter Helping a Customer with one of our rental hot tubs

Becoming a spa owner does not require passing the equivalent of a master’s degree in water chemistry. A little tutoring from experts — about as demanding as learning your ABC’s in elementary school — is all you really need. Not to mention that your tutors (Best Hot Tubs) will be around to help should you forget anything you’ve learned.

And then, there’s our blog posts. A quick search on our blogs will bring up lots of informative tutorials with many of the ABCs of keeping your spa water pristine. 

The point is, Best Hot Tubs is dedicated to ensuring not only that you bring home a hot tub perfectly suited to your personal needs and tastes, we’re also reliable friends who will hold your hand should anything you’re not sure about come up.

A portable hot tub may not operate like a small pool, but that’s part of its charms. A pool is not where you turn when you need to relax, or get relief for aching muscles.


Best Hot Tubs Weekly Service

Best Hot Tubs Weekly Service

Last, but not least, if you’d prefer leaving your spa maintenance in our hands entirely, we can do that through a service contract.

If you want one of our techs to do a deep clean of your hot tub (or any maintenance) contact:

Nassau (516) 279-4850 | Suffolk (631) 465-0175 | Catskills (518) 734-9100




Bringing Home a New Bullfrog Spa (Long Island/NY):

Bringing Home a New Bullfrog Spa (Long Island/NY):

You can rely on Best Hot Tubs to help you keep your spa as clean and optimal as the day you purchased it.


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