We hear you. It’s not all that cold, so why is Best Hot Tubs talking about the Polar Vortex? Well, because meteorologists still predict that another Polar Vortex freeze could be upon us during the second part of January. 

So, in keeping with better safe than sorry, let’s be ready for such an Arctic blast. Here’s some precautions you can take when hot tubbing in winter.


1. Thank Head, Body, Feet!


Spas in Winter

Spas in Winter


Being outdoors in the chilly air, immersed in bubbly warm water — all while having a therapeutic massage — is why you got your hot tub in the first place.

But when a winter blast comes, consider taking some precautions like wearing a cap, even when enjoying the spa’s heated water. 

Remember, you’ll be in a wet bathing suit, so when going to and from the spa, be sure you have on a bathrobe and slippers.

Also, you might want to think about where you’ll keep your robes etc. while in the hot tub. If you leave them out on, say, a chair, they might be stiff and cold and not much use when getting out of the warm water. Perhaps keep them nearby in a cooler, or hang them near a fire feature, or on a warming towel rack, etc. 



2. Don’t Refill Your Hot Tub with Snow


Hot Tubbing in Winter

Hot Tubbing in Winter


If your outside taps are turned off, some people get tempted to use snow to top off their hot tub water level. But snow does not make good hot tub water. 

As we mentioned in more detail below, snow, with all its impurities, will affect the chemical balance of your water. And you don’t want to be constantly adding chemicals.





3. Using Hot Tub Covers in Winter


Winter Care of Spa Covers

Winter Care of Spa Covers

It’s essential to use your cover in winter. First, an insulated cover reduces the energy needed to run your hot tub by helping to keep the heat in.

Also, because falling snow, sleet — and even rain — will change the water chemistry, using the cover reduces the amount of chemicals you’ll need.

As to whether or not your hot tub cover can support the weight of heavy snowfalls, our Strong Spas, for example, boast a Dura Shield cover which can handle even heaviest wet snow. 

That said, many covers can get waterlogged during melting which can ruin a cover so you will want to remove the snow or ice by using a broom or brush instead of a shovel. 

In fact, you will prolong the life of even a Dura Shield cover if you don’t depend on the warmer temperatures that tend to follow snow or icy to melt it off of your portable spa.


4. Yes, Shoveling May Be Required


Your Pets Want You to Shovel

Your Pets Want You to Shovel, Too




When it snows, the first thing to do is to clear a path to your hot tub — not just so you can use your spa — but so you can maintain it during freezing or snowy weather. Besides, your pet will be grateful as well.







** If you have signed on for weekly hot tub service from Best Hot Tubs, you can ask our team to include shoveling as part of our service.  Contact us here.