Polar Vortex 2021

Polar Vortex 2021

Many weather experts say we can expect a return of the infamous polar vortex, which pummeled the country with wintery cold and blizzards in seasons past.

The Northeast, in particular, they say, could face extreme winter weather. “The weather pattern setting up across the East suggests the potential for a big storm to develop in the Plains and potentially impact the mid-Atlantic or Northeast around Jan. 18 or 19,” said AccuWeather long-range expert Paul Pastelok.



Hot Tub Winter Tips

Keep Heads Warm in Extreme Cold

Keep Heads Warm in Extreme Cold

Because of the possibility of severe conditions, we recommend keeping an eye on the weather reports. Then take a few precautions to ensure your spa will be ready and waiting for you whatever winter throws at us.

While we’ll write more about this next week, we want to caution everyone to wear a hat when the temperature is very cold. It may seem like you are toasty warm in your bubbling spa, but severe cold can be a danger even if most of your body is submerged in warm water. Again, more on that soon.



How to Protect your Spa in Winter 

1.  The first thing

Hot Tub Cover Lock

Hot Tub Cover Lock

Especially during windy nor’easters, keep your hot tub cover tightly secured. A quality safety cover is important and keep it locked down. However, for an extra layer of safety, some hot tub covers can be made even more secure by the use of this additional cover lock.

It’s important to put on your hot tub cover whenever you’re not using it. An insulated cover reduces the energy needed to run your spa during winter by helping to keep the heat in. Also, because falling snow will change the water chemistry, using the cover reduces the amount of chemicals you’ll need.

“If you’re unsure about how durable your cover is, give us a call,” says Best Hot Tubs’ Bill Renter. “We’ve got some amazing hard covers that are incredibly durable and easy to open and close.”


Pristine and Properly Maintained Water

Pristine and Properly Maintained Water

2.  After Snow Storms:

After it snows, clear a path to your hot tub — not just so you can use your spa — but so you can maintain the hot tub during freezing or snowy weather. Those who have signed up for Best Hot Tubs weekly service by our technicians can request snow shoveling to the hot tub as part of our service. 

3.  Protect Spa Pipes: 

To keep pipes from freezing, once a week check that the hot tub is running and make sure the water temp is at least above 90 degrees. (Note: In extreme cold temperatures, it is cheaper to maintain the temperature than letting it cool down and reheating it again.)

4.  Spa Water Level: 

When checking its temperature and confirming that it is running, also watch your spa’s water level. If the water gets too low, the pumps and heaters are affected by insufficient water, and this can contribute to freezing in spa’s plumbing lines;

5.   Supply of Chemicals/Filters: 

If you enjoy using the hot tub regularly during cold weather/snow, when you first hear a storm is approaching, stock up on supplies of chemicals etc. You can contact our showrooms for help with this;

6.   Keeping Clean Water: 

It’s a challenge to change the water in the winter, so you’ll want to keep the water clean, therefore regularly check the water’s chemistry — that the pH and alkalinity are correct);

7.    Spa Filters: 

It’s also important to clean your spa filters in cold weather to maintain clear water. In warmer weather, this is easy to do using a garden hose. However, in winter, when most of us have the outdoor water access shut off, you may have to clean the filter inside the house — in the shower or in large sink — to do a thorough job.

8.    Prolonging the Life of Your Cover: 

It’s not unusual for warmer temperatures to follow a heavy snow or icy weather. Don’t wait for the inevitable melting process, but, instead, brush the snow/ice off your hot tub before it melts. Some covers can get waterlogged during melting, which will ruin the cover;

9.    Closing Your Spa For Winter: 

You would think that closing your spa is the safest/easiest way to ensure spa pipes don’t freeze during winter, but often the damage to spas in cold weather is actually caused from improper draining. If not done thoroughly, water residue left after draining can cause damage — thereby frustrating the very reason you shut it down in the first place. So be sure to read your manual and take all the necessary steps.


Ready for the Polar Vortex

Ready for the Polar Vortex


Here’s a young man who knows how to do things right. He’s wearing a cap, has clearly shoveled (or had us shovel) a good path to his hot tub and the water is so clear you can see the sky and clouds in it.

The key is to enjoy your spa no matter what the weather — when relaxing with family, or just on your own.  

Of course, you can always ask your local hot tub professionals, like Best Hot Tubs, to help you with any and all of this.

If you have any questions regarding how to maintain your spa, contact any of our teams at our three showrooms (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury, NY).



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