Rev Up the Hot Tub! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The big man himself is coming to town very soon. So rev up the family hot tub and let him ease his tired muscles and bones. Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest   However! It’s not just the big man who’d love to relax in your hot tub over the holidays. We’ve seen Mensch On [...]

This Holiday Season, Let Your Spa Add the Holly Jolly

Kawanza Celebrations     It does’t matter if it’s rugalach, reindeer sugar cookies, or Kwanzaa sweet potato bars, it's more fun to eat them while soaking in your hot tub.         Don’t believe us? Consider this holiday gift item — Mensch on a Bench -- who's hot tubbing in a [...]

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Tips for Enjoying Your Hot Tub in Winter

The holidays may be over but there’s still at least two months of winter left. And while Mother Nature may have spared some New York geographical areas, like Long Island, you can never count on an easy winter lasting. Anyway we welcome the cold. Frankly, is there a better experience than dashing to a hot [...]

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