Teens and Dad waiting for the movie to start

Teens and Dad waiting for the movie to start


Whether you and a significant-other love watching classic movies together, you are parents thinking mainly of the kids (like enticing your teens to spend time at home), or you want to share your favorite old summer blockbuster with friends and neighbors, there’s nothing quite like a backyard movie night during summer.

And, while Best Hot Tubs thinks everything outdoors is better with a hot tub, whether or not a spa will be part of your outdoor movie party, we are delighted to share what we hope are some helpful tips on arranging such a movie night.



Outdoor Movie-Night Tips


Lights. Camera. Action.

Lights: Even if your outdoor movie viewing area is close to the house, light from your home won’t offer sufficient security. Consider adding some Tiki lights, or strings of lights in key walking/viewing areas. Another idea is to add groups of candles that have been put in glass jars, etc. Just be sure to put the candles in sufficiently deep containers with the wicks at least a few inches beneath the rims. And if you’re hanging them, use wire handles. Also keep any candle flames a good foot away from anything that might catch fire, e.g., branches/leaves.


Photo Saved from Pinterest Post of Epson MovieMate Projector

Photo Saved from Pinterest Post of Epson MovieMate Projector


Camera: It won’t be a movie night without a moving image. One way to go is using a projector and screen. For great tips on projectors and all things outdoor movie nights, How-To-Geek offers some great information.

Be sure to test your projector out before your big event. You’ll also need a lamp or lighting near the projector for ease in operating. 

As for screens, the cheapest and easiest idea is to ask Grandpa if he has an old screen for home movies tucked away in the attic. Failing that, there are inflatable screens you can pair with audio and video systems. Or, you can build a screen from scratch using, e.g., queen-sized sheets. (Note: Pinterest is loaded with ideas for making your own outdoor screen.)

Outdoor TVs: One last option gives you all you need in one easy unit: a large outdoor TV. However, this can be an expensive option, so if you only plan to do have an outdoor-movie night a few times, perhaps a screen made of sheets paired with a rented projector might be the best way to dip one’s foot in. 

Of course, if you plan on using it for more than an occasional movie party and, maybe, the men in the house love outdoor get-togethers on game night, or family book club members are hankering to show the “movie version” of their favorite books, etc. outdoors, then a large-screen outdoor TV might be right for you.


Action. If you’re hosting a crowd, or even just a few friends, you’ll need to consider how the various party areas will flow together. When it comes to seating, kids will be happy with a blanket, but many adults want something a bit more comfortable, like a chaise lounge, or fold-up chair, etc. 

Of course, no movie night will be successful without a great snack table. If you don’t provide popcorn, drinks, and some movie-night candy, it won’t be just your movie’s villains who’ll get booed. 




For the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night:

Now, if you can turn your event into a hot tub cinema night, you will certainly win the Oscar or Golden Globe for best movie-night in your neck of the woods. These have gone large scale, but are just as much fun on a smaller scale. And, yes, you can rent hot tubs, too. You can speak with our showroom staff at either of our three locations for information on this.



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