Many areas in New York state have tightly compacted properties and small lot sizes that leave no room for a swimming pool. On the other hand, there are just as many New Yorkers with more expansive acreage and room for a pool who prefer to leave their natural landscapes untouched.

But what if you still value the enjoyment of a water feature — a feature that will fit in a tight space or leave your natural landscape untouched?


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The simple solution is a portable hot tub. It’s a soothing water feature that doesn’t require much room and it doesn’t make any disturbances to the land.


Photo: Jigokudani hot spring in Nagano Japan 001″ by Yosemite

Photo: Jigokudani hot spring in Nagano Japan 001″ by Yosemite

Lifestyle Benefits of a Portable Spa

With the weather now changing, perhaps one of the most popular reasons for having a hot tub is its benefits on cold days. A spa’s healthful waters warm you when you’re chilled to the bone. Not to mention that when warm water evaporates and mixes with chilly air, the steam it creates helps you breathe better.

Frankly, humans are not the only animals that seek warm steamy waters during cold months. In Nagano, Japan, these Japanese “snow monkeys” are enjoying the delights of a hot spring in their own backyard. Their relaxed faces offer the best testament to how much your own little monkeys will value a backyard spa.

Bullfrog Spas JetPak

Bullfrog Spas JetPak

Ahh, Hydrotherapy!

Hot tub/spa “hydrotherapy” is desirable any time of year. Many use spa massage jets to treat stress, arthritis and sore muscles due to exercise, hard work, or just plain sitting too long. Not only does the warm water pulsating jets help you relax, but they relieve tension and pain. In fact, many noticed during this year’s Olympics, divers and swimmers headed to hot tubs right after their event.



Bullfrog Spas offer "Interchangeable" JetPaks

Bullfrog Spas offer “Interchangeable” JetPaks


And, if you are fortunate to have one of the several Bullfrog Spas’ models that have “interchangeable” JetPak massage jets, you can decide what part of your body (back, shoulders, neck etc.) needs relief on any given day and choose a massage for that area.

Also, those enjoying the hot tub with you can enjoy their own personal therapy.



Family Fun Time

With texting, social media, sports and studying, it takes something special to grab everyone’s attention these days. Many of Best Hot Tubs clients, however, are saying that their backyard spa attracts the whole family. Those with pre-teens say their children enjoy the spa late into the fall, and even in winter, long after their pools are closed down.

Others say a backyard hot tub keeps teenagers home because their friends enjoy gathering around it. With Dad or Mom at the barbecue, a spa ignites impromptu parties.

Of course there are many more ways a hot tub can enhance your personal lifestyle. We’ll discuss hot tub parties, etc. soon in upcoming blogs.