Bullfrog Spas and their NY Metro/Catskills Dealer, Best Hot Tubs, Showcase Sleek/Contemporary Spa: Booth #479 

Bullfrog Spas/Best Hot Tubs Booth: 479

Bullfrog Spas/Best Hot Tubs Booth: #479

If there’s one thing that unifies us all, it’s our passion for home design. Who isn’t looking for that stylish chair to fit an awkward space, or a lamp that makes a statement right where a pop of color is needed. 

There are also those who would love to join in the fun and therapy of a hot tub, but fear they won’t find one elegant enough to fit their home’s contemporary design.

This is one reason, we believe, that the organizers of the prestigious Architectural Digest Design Show invited Bullfrog Spas and their New York Metro/Catskills dealer, Best Hot Tubs, to display Bullfrog’s sleek and elegant STIL model at their 2019 Show (New York City, March 21-24.) 

“In fact, this is our fourth invitation to participate,” says Best Hot Tubs owner, Bill Renter. “We are so proud to have been invited back again and again. It tells us they agree that the STIL is a model of grace and beauty they’re proud to showcase.”

About the STIL

Bullfrog has designed two distinct luxury STIL models — each in a series offering different configurations — with the option of two exquisite cabinet colors: slate and timber. 

Urban-friendly STIL 5

Urban-friendly STIL 5

The STIL 5  is the absolute ideal modern hot tub for indoors, urban landscapes, couples, and singles. The STIL5 is a gorgeous and space-conscious modern spa. The open and flexible seating can be enjoyed in an upright or full lounging position. STIL5 offers 3 soothing JetPak massages for uncompromised therapy and a gorgeous aesthetic to fit your refined style.

The STIL 7 represents a new concept where modern spa design meets usability and comfort. Designed with 2 dedicated lounges, your choice of 3 JetPak massages, and flexible open-concept seating that can be enjoyed in an upright or reclined position in any seat in the spa, the STIL7 is the ultimate in form and function.

STIL boasts elegant sheet waterfalls inside a sophisticated cabinet; it also claims the first ever touch-screen/digital display control for changing spa water temperature, turning jets on and off, etc. — all of which can be controlled from android devices. 

“Architectural Digest’s acceptance criteria are quite strict, and it is rare for them to feature a portable spa. But when you consider that aesthetics and function are paramount to both Bullfrog Spas and the design show, it was — and remains — a natural fit,” says Bill.

Where, When and Who to Visit at Our Booth

Best Hot Tubs' Booth: #479

Best Hot Tubs’ Booth: #479, STIL 7

Where: Our booth showcasing the above two STIL models is #479. The AD Design Show astutely gave us a spot in the “refresh section” or “kitchen, bath and building products.” And frankly, there’s nothing more refreshing than a warm soak in this elegant spa.

This location is also close to the At Home Architectural Digest Lounge where you can get drinks, lunch or snacks. 

“Our booth’s location is in the 400-aisle, in one of the most sought-after areas,” says Bill. “It where you’ll see the latest and greatest products that consumers and designers are really interested in viewing. And it is the first place the manufacturers show new high-end designs. ”

Ask about Water Care Upgrade

Ask about Water Care Upgrade

When: The Design Show’s first day, Thursday, March 21st, is closed to the public but open to designers and members of the press/media.

It is open to the public from the Friday, the 22nd through Sunday the 24th.

When you stop by, ask our booth attendants about the opportunity to get a Free Water Care System upgrade (this offer expires on March 24th. A short video showing the advantages of Bullfrog’s Water Care System can be seen immediately below.) 

Who: You can ask to speak with Bill of Best Hot Tubs or Dan Sjoblom from Bullfrog Spas or any other member of our team.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Want to speak with someone before visiting the Design Show? Contact Bill or Keith, 613-465-0175.