'Spring Ahead' this weekend

‘Spring Ahead’ this weekend

As the clock springs ahead an hour this weekend, it’s heartening that in most of our Best Hot Tubs’ showroom environs the temperature on Sunday will reach “spring” levels.

But 50 degrees or not, spring is undeniably on the march (pun intended) — suggesting this is the time to thoroughly clean your hot tub. Inside and out.

“Even if you closed your hot tub down for the winter, build up in plumbing occurs because of the anti-freeze. So this is a good time for everyone to purge the system as well as clean the interior,” says Keith McPartland, Best Hot Tubs’ Farmingdale, NY, showroom manager.

“In fact, anytime you change your water for routine maintenance is a good time for a purge cleaning.”

Keith adds that, in the case of closed down hot tubs, the spa will have to be filled with water before adding the purge.



Here are Keith’s 11 Steps for purging and cleaning your spa:

  1. If empty, fill hot tub with water
  2. Remove the filters and let them float in the water.
  3. Put your spa jets on high
  4. Add a purging gel. (We recommend “Hot Tub Serum-Total WaterCare System”)
  5. Let the serum run through the plumbing for 30 minutes with the hot tub jets on.

Here is a video of showing the serum/purge working. As you can see, a build up of foam is a natural part of the purge process. Note: If the foam gets too much and begins to spill over edges of the hot tub, just turn off the jets for 10-15 minutes. Then restart again until you have completed 30 minutes of the purging.


6. Drain the spa, wiping/cleaning the interior down as you drain it. This will ensure no sticky residue from purged contaminants adheres to the shell. 

7.  Hose off filters (or change them, if it’s time). Reinstall them. 

8.  Remove the JetPaks (for Bullfrog Spas), drain them, and wipe them clean. 

9.  Refill the spa with clean water

10. Check the cover to make sure it’s in good condition and not retaining water.

11. Add the necessary chemicals and check they are in proper balance

12. Check the spa again over the next 24 hours to be sure it’s operating properly.


Bonus Tip from Keith:

Use a clean hose to drain a hot tub

Use a clean hose to drain a hot tub

Some who have used this purging product suggest that when refilling the hot tub, it’s wise to put a filter on the hose — or at a minimum let the hose run water for a bit so as to spill off any minerals or contaminants that have built up in the hose.

“People do not realize that a hose that lies on the ground or has some water inside it will develop a biofilm and bacteria just like a hot tub,” says the owner of the hot tub serum system we recommend, Mark Henderson.

“We suggest having a clean separate hose that is kept dry indoors and used only to fill the tub.”

“Of course, you can always contact our showrooms,” adds Keith. “One of our certified hot tub technicians can get your spa crystal clear and running in no time. ”

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Relaxing in a Hot Tub:

Relaxing in a Hot Tub:

After applying the Hot Tub Serum system, organic matter that has built up unseen in the pipes is purged out. You can really relax in a spa that not only has a properly maintained pH balance, but has also been purged of any build up in the hot tub’s plumbing system. Photo: Bullfrog Spas