One of our recent blog posts inspired an interesting comment. The responder clearly loved hot tubs. He had one years ago, but lamented: “It was wonderful to sit in it at night as watch the moon and stars. But maintaining it was just too much work.”

Long Island Hot Tub was delighted to let that commenter know how much things have changed in recent years. Indeed, new modern hot tub electronics, equipment, filtration, etc. — as well as such treatments as the long-lasting Spa Frog chemical cartridge system — make time-consuming maintenance of a hot tub a thing of the past.

“The Spa Frog Mineral Sanitizer, which we include in our start-up kits, and which is available at our showroom, has a special blend of minerals,” says Long Island Hot Tub’s Bill Renter. “Together, these chemicals keep water soft, clear and safe. It lasts for about three months, is simple to load in, doesn’t require electricity to function, and will even let you know when it’s time for it to be replaced.”

Renter adds, however, that it’s a good practice to check spa water quality twice a week even when using the Spa Frog.

“You’re looking for clean, odorless, sparkling water. Easy to use test strips allow you to check them against a chart