Long Island Hot Tub's own Bill and Gina Renter will definitely be enjoying a togetherness-soak on Valentine's Day. "We use our Bullfrog Spa just about every day throughout the year," says Bill.

Long Island Hot Tub’s own Bill and Gina Renter will definitely be enjoying a togetherness-soak on Valentine’s Day. “We use our Bullfrog Spa just about every day throughout the year,” says Bill.


background-image-965386_960_720-525x432 Indeed, whatever the weather, there’s no stopping true Valentines; they’re going to make a special day of it. Whenever possible, that includes a togetherness-soak in a steamy hot tub.

And while we’re pretty convinced that being together in your spa is all the romance you’ll need, because it’s Valentine’s Day, why not turn up the heat a little more.


Little food bites:


3-1-525x372 You don’t have to get too elaborate when it comes to food while soaking in the hot tub. Easy-to-eat finger food that can stand cold temperatures are the best: strawberries dipped in chocolate, or oysters on the half shell, for example. Save the champagne or favorite wine until after you are finished soaking in the spa. Instead have some bottled water around to keep you both hydrated or even some hot cocoa.




4- It’s about music:


If your Valentine has a favorite radio station, connect a speaker near the hot tub and have that station on. If it is one that accepts requests, contact the station ahead and ask for a favorite song dedicated to you both to air when you are in the hot tub. Or, have your iPod loaded with a few favorites.


Take “time outs” from your spa:


5-1 Set up a seating area near your hot tub so you can take breaks from the spa’s hot waters. It is always a good idea to break after 10-15 minutes and do not have the temperature above 104 degrees. Keeping the water temperature at 102 should be comfortable and most soakers will not get overheated, but nonetheless, do break regularly.





After the soak:



After the hot tub soak, allow time for dancing, dining and even a favorite movie. Warmed by the hot tub experience, your special plans are bound to warm any Valentine’s heart.


It’s time for that special drink:





Once you are out of the hot tub for the night, that’s the perfect time for a glass of champagne.




Other Tips.




If there’s snow:  If need be, just before Valenine’s Day shovel a path to the hot tub. If you luck out and have no snow and a clear path, it might be helpful to clean the path of any debris that could be picked up by your feet and dirty the water.


Have really clean water: For a romantic date, you want really clean water. If you’ve been using your hot tub lately, consider shocking it the night before and, again, an hour before the romantic date.

A special thanks to Pixabay.com for their delightful Valentine’s frog photos. Oh and check out our blog for more hot tub date ideas.