Several things go into creating a beautiful and stylish spa experience: and it all begins with the the portable hot tub itself:

— Do your tastes run to the modern, sleek and contemporary, rustic, or the traditional?

— What colors complement your home’s style and landscape?

— Would you like your backyard to be a quiet space or party central?”


insert-1-2-stil-house-525x280 Contemporary Style

Our Best Hot Tubs staff is always delighted when they are asked about whether we offer a modern-looking hot tub. They happily respond, Yes! The Bullfrog Spas we specialize in boast a model (STIL) that is so stylish, for two years running, it was a highlight at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.


“STIL is an open-concept, 6-seat spa with a mid-size footprint,” says Bullfrog Spas marketing team. “It offers a sophisticated modern atheistic wedded to state-of-the-art hydrotherapy. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas) Pretty sleek all around.

“No hot tub manufacturer had crafted anything quite like it before,” says Best Hot Tubs owner, Bill Renter. “With its clean simple lines, and cutting edge technology, it defines what is most appreciated in ultramodern design.”

Click here and see if you don’t agree.


insert-2 Simple and Quiet Styling

There’s always room for a little understated hot tub luxury. Bullfrog Spas X6R round hot tub, for example, can seat up to 5. Like other Bullfrog options, it offers a high-output ozone generator that helps purify the spa water — this means you’ll spend little time worrying about how clean your water is and more time relaxing with family and friends.

In fact, here’s a great review from a happy purchaser:

“I have had my x6R for about 6 moths in colorado with no problems. It is quiet, and comfortable. It has been easy to service. I do have the ozonator as well. The pump is strong so the jets do a great job. I like the positioning of the jets, and the round size is great for my deck. Bottom line is no problems and I really am pleased with this purchase.”  — joemaltsberger


insert-3 Traditional Hot Tub Design

A spa should fit right in with your lifestyle and tastes. Being able to choose interior colors such as Cinnabar, Midnight, Snow, Sunset, Pearl and Sapphire and exterior cabinets in Driftwood, Slate, Hazelnut, Mahogany and Ivory, your Bullfrog Spas should be right at home.

When these clients purchased a Bullfrog A-8 model, they chose a Slate exterior and Titanium interior to harmonize with other backyard retreat amenities, including the pool. However, because it is a separate portable hot tub, the spa operates separately from the pool, allowing for year-round enjoyment. And with their comfortable A-8 model, there’s room for the whole family and guests.


insert-4 Party Central!

Lighting definitely contributes to your backyard spa experience. For stunning and creative waterworks, Bullfrog Spas offer lighted water features, lighted filter areas, and center log lights.

Additionally, Bullfrog’s A Series offer lighted upholders and surround lighting to set a party mood. Energy efficient and powerful, these LED lights can produce a myriad of color choices and distribute the light beautifully throughout the spa. You can even choose effects that move from a quiet cool level of color to a quickly changing multi-colored light show for hot tub parties!

Note: Next week, we’ll continue the discussion of hot tub design and style with a focus on how hot tub installations add to the spa experience.