Along with durability, style, and low operational costs, one reason our Bullfrog Spas make a splash with families is their generous size and roomy design. Even Bullfrog’s smaller sporty models (the X series) will seat, depending on the model, from 5 to 8 adults.

Room for the Family

Room for the Family

This means that Mom and Dad can use the hot tub to de-stress or rejuvenate after a workout, while the grandparents appreciate the hydrotherapy of Bullfrog’s JetPak system for pain relief.

And there’s still room for the youngsters to pile in and enjoy Bullfrog’s big comfortable seats. 





Instagram/Hot Tub Teen Pizza Party

Instagram/Hot Tub Teen Pizza Part



With such a high-functioning and enticing Bullfrog Spa, you might also discover that your teens will stay home more often, since spas are now a great place to “chill” with friends.






We’re Also a Pretty Face

Family Purchases Bullfrog's X Model

Family Chooses a Bullfrog’s Model



The Best Hot Tubs’ clients pictured here purchased a Bullfrog X7 model not long ago, which has enough room for their extended family. 

As you can see, while the kids splash away, the adults lie back and enjoy Bullfrog’s delightful massage jet therapy. The spa is also a real looker with its Platinum interior and Driftwood exterior.






We’re Also Low Maintenance

Like most mechanically-operated equipment, hot tubs (a.k.a. spas) are not created equal. There are quality hot tubs like Bullfrog Spas that are very low maintenance, and there are hot tubs that require a lot of time and effort to keep it working.

“Not to mention that Bullfrog’s cutting-edge spas are completely made in Salt Lake City, at a state-of-the-art facility, including all their components,” says Best Hot Tubs own Bill Renter.

“Bullfrog Spas are definitely the best family hot tubs you can find,” he adds. “The design means that every member of your family can choose their own personalized JetPak massage.” 

Note:  In all Bullfrog models (except the X Series), the JetPak massage seats are removable and can be placed into any of the seating positions in your new spa. And if you have a particularly large family — or large group of friends — you’ll be happy to know that in the new year, Bullfrog is coming out with an even larger model! 


Roomy Bullfrog Spas

Roomy Bullfrog Spas

To learn more about the right size for you and your family, contact our team at either of our three New York locations:

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