Make affordable ease and comfort a part of your everyday routine. 

Hot Tub Clearance Sale

Hot Tub Clearance Sale

The weather’s cooling down, days are getting shorter, and schedules are getting busier. And somewhere in the back of your mind you know the busy holidays are not too far off. 

Frankly, there is no time like now to bring a little more peace into your life with your own hot tub. So the timing of our Best Hot Tubs’ clearance pricing on all of our Bullfrog Spas models couldn’t be better timed. 

Best Hot Tubs’ Bullfrog Spa/Woodbury, NY

Best Hot Tubs’ Bullfrog Spa/Woodbury, NY

‘Peaceful Life’ Sale at Best Hot Tubs, October 7th – 21st

Through October 21st, at our three showrooms (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham, NY), we are offering great sale pricing with various discounts on all our Bullfrog Spas models.

In addition to great pricing — from now through Columbus/Indigenous People Day (October 14) — we are also ‘paying the tax’ on your hot tub purchase.

Time and again we hear how much our customers’ personalized hot tub relieves their pain, reduces their stress and brings their family closer together. Remember, only Bullfrog Spas gives you a choice of 16 unique JetPak massages, far more options than any other hot tub, enabling you to relish your perfectly customized spa experience.

Even better is the peace of mind Best Hot Tubs customers get from owning the lowest maintenance, most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. 

Nothing brings peace to your home like a new Bullfrog Spa. And now you can make affordable ease and comfort a part of your everyday routine. 

Basic Hot Tub Installation

Basic Hot Tub Installation

You can hook up your hot tub right on the ground without too much advance prep and be ready to go. But you can also add to the peaceful setting by installing the spa next to a beautiful focal point.

Take for example the Bullfrog Spa that was beautifully installed a few years ago in Woodbury, NY. This installation was designed by the Deck and Patio Company of Huntington Station, NY, and included a pond that goes right up to the hot tub. 

The pond has stepping stones leading from the patio across it to a stepping stone path. As you’ll see from the video immediately below, the pond water is crystal clear and is stocked with delightful koi fish. What a view when relaxing in the hot tub! 

“The tub was built into a vault which is set down about 18” and a section of bluestone edging the patio is removable to allow access to the hot tub equipment when necessary,” says Best Hot Tubs’ Bill Renter.

“A hot tub, especially one of our Bullfrog Spas, on its own brings a peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home. However, installing it alongside a pond only increases the wonderful experience.”

Do stop by our showrooms or give us a call about our sale. But hurry…special pricing is only available through the 21st — and paying the tax ends on the 14th.