1--525x392 Most of our clients use their hot tubs throughout the winter. However, there are quite a few “snowbirds” in the northeast who seek warmer climes, such as Florida and the Carolinas.

So if you are a hot tubber who wants to close your spa down — or winterize it before taking flight — we asked Long Island Hot Tub’s Vice President of Sales, Mike Berkowitz, for key DIY tips.

Mike suggests:

1. Pick the best place in the yard to drain the spa’s existing water;

2. Turn off the power at the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) circuit breaker;

3.  Remove the hot tub’s access panel that reveals the spa’s inner equipment (pumps, circuit board, heater etc.);

4.  Locate the drain in the hot tub, pull it out and remove the drain cap;

3- 5.  Attach garden hose to drain plug (most have this plug, if not, get a submersible cover pump to drain the hot tub);

6.    If you have a Bullfrog Spa (A or R series), while you drain the water in the hot tub, open all lower valves on your JetPaks to allow water to drain from each of these. Once drained, close the JetPak valves;

7.    Use a wet vacuum or shop vacuum to vacuum the plumbing lines; on wet vacuums, use the blow setting first and then the suction setting;

8.    Loosen them and disconnect the unions on the pumps and remove the plugs from the pumps;

9.    When bone dry, clean the hot tub interior;

11.   Add hot tub anti-freeze in the filter line;

12.   Reattach the access panel;

13.   Remove filter cartridge(s) and clean. Do not reinstall;


3--1 14.   Do a thorough check to ensure all the chemicals and filters are removed from the hot tub.  Bullfrog Spas only: for extra protection, remove and bring your JetPaks inside to store in a warm place;

15.  Put your hot tub cover back on and use any locking system you might have; because of potentially harsh winters in the northeast, add a tarp over the whole hot tub, covering it entirely, and add rope around the hot tub to hold the tarp in place.

When you return in the spring, to de-winterize the hot tub, you can reverse thee steps. For more information on this, see your owners manual or contact our showroom at: 631-465-0175.