While portable hot tub manufacturers can give an estimate of what their spa models may cost, prices can differ regionally and even locally according to market forces. This is where local authorized dealers like Long Island Hot Tub can be of great assistance.

In addition to knowing what rebates are available, special discounts, and the best models to fit your needs, authorized dealers know how local water supplies and climate affect the chemistry of your spa water and its costs as well as a working knowledge of local codes, etc.

First, What to Look Out For

Hot tubs are not an item most homeowners are accustomed to pricing. Since hot tubs cost in the thousands of dollars (usually above $5,000), there is temptation by a few less reputable firms to use pushy in-home sales presentations, etc. So ensuring that you are working with a reputable dealer will aide you in getting a quality spa at a fair price.


TOP TIER HOT TUBS – $9,000 TO $18,000 (Long Island/NY):

TOP TIER HOT TUBS – $9,000 TO $18,000 (Long Island/NY):

Top manufacturers, like the Bullfrog Spas we specialize in, offer superior acrylic shells, frames and cabinets, and these will run between $9,000 and $18,000 in general.

It’s key to take note that the hot tub is made well, its materials, what massage jet technology is has, and look into the reputation of the manufacturer. All this will greatly help you decide which hot tubs are, indeed, high quality and top tier.


Mid Tier - $5,000 - $8,000 (Long Island/NY)

Mid Tier – $5,000 – $8,000 (Long Island/NY)

Using the above criteria (Top Tier), you’ll usually find these same reputable manufacturers offer a quality mid-tier spa line that simply have fewer features and not as much hydrotherapy. However, you will still find a good product that will provide the spa enjoyment you’re hoping for.

Again, just be sure you are choosing an established brand; read reviews, check out their authorized dealers, etc.


Low End Tier – $3,000 – $4,000

Buyer Beware

Alas, when you looking for this kind of pricing, mostly what you’ll find are inflatable spas, or some sort of roto-molded spa made with inferior materials. If you only want the spa for a few special occasions or events, this might be an okay way to go. Again, look into the quality of what you are getting — especially in this price range.


Other Hot Tub Considerations (Long Island/NY)

Other Hot Tub Considerations (Long Island/NY)

Take note also of what the expected life of your hot tub is and how much it costs to operate. Energy efficiency can be a real cost-saver over the long run. Check out the hot tub’s insulation, for example, and how its plumbing affects the cost to run it. Another key factor is how easy it is to maintain.  (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)


Researching Hot Tubs (Long Island/NY):

Researching Hot Tubs (Long Island/NY):

You’ll find that having done your research and picked a quality hot tub that you feel good about has wonderful rewards for the whole family. Once you have it, it offers lots of budget-friendly opportunities for family fun; it can also be the heart of easy to organize get togethers with friends; or a respite when you need to let the day’s tensions melt away.  (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)