One of the joys of having your own hot tub is you don’t have to travel to a winter resort to warm up in one. It’s right there in your backyard, even when you’re not skiing.  

Garden Installed Hot Tub

Garden Installed Hot Tub

That said, when temperatures fall, and hot tubs have been installed a distance away from the backdoor — in a garden, or, perhaps, near a pool —even that little bit of travel may be too “brrrrrr-ing.”

So the question is: Are portable hot tubs really portable? Can I move it closer to my house?

First. Yes, portable spas are movable.

However, we should add that those who have a Bullfrog Spa do have an advantage. Most of Bullfrog’s plumbing, etc. is self-contained so it is quite portable. (Note: If you are concerned about your own particular model, give either of our 3 showrooms a call for advice. Our technicians are familiar with most spa models.)

Assuming you’ve gotten a green light to move your model spa, these tips from experts at Bullfrog Spas could be helpful:

  1. If the move is only a few steps, simply keep the spa flat when you move it, being sure to have enough of a crew to carry it. 
  2. If you need to push it across a patio or plywood, tip it up on the side to be moved on a cart. Lowes and Home Depot, for example, sell small appliance-moving dollies that hold more than enough weight.
  3. In all cases, make sure you use some moving blankets or padding so as to not damage the cabinet when you move it. 
  4. Also, do not stand it up on the front door side that offers access to its electronics. Any other side or the back would be fine. 
  5. Lastly, as we mentioned above, you can always call on Best Hot Tubs’s staff to assist you. 
Kids love hot tubbing in winter

Kids love hot tubbing in winter

The point is to position your spa in a place where you can enjoy it, especially during winter. In winter, kids are tempted to jump out of the hot tub to make a fast snow angel. 

For Mom and Dad, it’s Bullfrog’s special hydro massage that calls during cold weather — a massage personalized just for them.

It’s a comfort to know that your Bullfrog spa’s water temperature will remain steadily warm and welcoming between uses without using much energy (although you can turn the temperature down between uses for even greater savings.) 

Bullfrog Offers CloudControl App

Bullfrog Offers CloudControl App

Today’s Bullfrog models even allow for controlling your spa via their Cloud Control Hot Tub App: change the temperature, turn on lights, turn the spa on or off and other adjustments.)

In fact, like most well-made and high-end hot tubs, Bullfrog Spas operate very well during winter. By design, they function well, stay warm during the worst of cold winter weather.

Boasting a tough acrylic shell, electronics of top quality, full-foam insulation, ensure that your Bullfrog Spa will easily perform well and last in any climate.

So, if this winter continues to be so very cold at times, go ahead. Move it closer to your house if you want.

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