There are not many experiences better than stepping into a steaming hot tub when the air is crisp.

Indeed, there’s hardly a better spot from which to enjoy the changing fall foliage around you. Relaxing in your hot tub, enjoying its therapeutic soothing waters, perhaps spiced with a hint of a spa-safe pumpkin scent, many would say, This is nirvana. 

So. What’s our first tip to get ready for this great hot tubbing season?


Ensure You Have a Pristine Spa


Preparing your hot tub for autumn is not complicated. You’ll want to:

— change the water (and consider changing it again just before the hard winter arrives in December), and

— clean the interior of the spa and cover well. 

Of course, if you’d like our Best Hot Tubs technicians to handle this for you, just visit our website: or give us a call. (For more contact info: see below.)