There are not many experiences better than stepping into a steaming hot tub when the air is crisp.

Indeed, there’s hardly a better spot from which to enjoy the changing fall foliage around you. Relaxing in your hot tub, enjoying its therapeutic soothing waters, perhaps spiced with a hint of a spa-safe pumpkin scent, many would say, This is nirvana. 

So. What’s our first tip to get ready for this great hot tubbing season?


Ensure You Have a Pristine Spa


Preparing your hot tub for autumn is not complicated. You’ll want to:

— change the water (and consider changing it again just before the hard winter arrives in December), and

— clean the interior of the spa and cover well. 

Of course, if you’d like our Best Hot Tubs technicians to handle this for you, just visit our website: or give us a call. (For more contact info: see below.)



Cleaning Hot Tubs:

Cleaning Hot Tubs:

As we mentioned above, and especially if the spa water hasn’t been changed in a few months, just before the chilly weather arrives, drain and clean the hot tub. Photo: Strong Spas

If you’re prepping your spa yourself, here’s some steps for cleaning a Strong Spa — one of the top-of-the-line spas we have in stock:


Interior of Strong Spa

Interior of Strong Spa


— Drain the hot tub completely, and clean the entire hot tub with a non-abrasive all purpose cleaner. Rinse carefully and allow it to dry. Apply one to two coats of spa polish to protect the finish..

— Remove the jets and clean them to remove calcium and dirt deposits. Remove the filter and deep clean it. Alternatively, replace the filter with a new one.

— Condition the spa pillows and soft hot tub cover.

— Refill the hot tub with water and spa chemicals. Check the chemical and PH balance and adjust as necessary.

It’s also wise to clean your hot tub cover. Do this before you begin cleaning your hot tub. It’s key to clean the cover of any mildew or bacteria that may have collected in the warm summer months.

It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on what product to use. Using an approved protectant is easy, much like applying Armor All to the dash of your car.



More Fall Hot Tubbing Tips:

Glass Fire Gems:

Glass Fire Gems:

If you have a natural gas fire pit/table, you can change the color of the fire gems as well. The gems come in many shapes and sizes and are easily changed to suit the season. For Fall, how about a copper glass gem (pictured here) to give an amber appearance. Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company


Clean Spa Water:

Clean Spa Water:

Hot tubbers are not disappointed when the weather takes on a bit of a chill. They know the best hot tub season is just beginning. 

And it doesn’t take much to set an inviting autumn mood — a few trees changing color is enough to call you outside.

But you can also add some colorful fall planters of flowers, a few autumn-hued seat cushions, and don’t forget the scent candles, etc. Intoxicating? Oh, yes. Fall and hot tubs are made for each other.


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