Note: Best Hot Tubs was previously known as “Long Island Hot Tubs.”


At Long Island Hot Tub, we are fascinated — but not surprised — at recent reports indicating that for today’s young executives, the spa is the new way to celebrate (e.g., reported on “Gawker”). Example: after winning $200,000 from venture capitalists, some young entrepreneurs held a post-win party “at the ‘Connect Stealth Starship’ with the main draw..a hot tub – where deals get closed.”

Another young entrepreneur recently designed a hands-free beverage holder for pool and hot tub use. He brought his “Bev Boy” invention (complete with hot tub) to ABC’s popular “Shark Tank” where one of their tech-savvy sharks, Daymond John, invested in the product.

In another “tech and hot tub” connection, Foxboro Hot Tubs, a garage-rock side project by the members of the punkish band Green Day, were “featured at one of the most highly anticipated tech events of 2014,” says a recent Bullfrog Spas’ blog.