We’re very happy with our hot tub purchase from Best Hot Tubs! There were several reasons why we went with Best Hot Tubs. First, Bill was willing to come out to our home for a free consultation. He gave us ideas of size and placement for the hot tub, and we couldn’t be happier with how the job looks given our relatively small yard. Second, we loved the fact that Bullfrog hot tubs allow your to customize the jet configurations for each seat (what they call “jet packs”). Finally, the quality of both the product and the installation are superb. I used to own another company’s hot tub, and it’s clear that Bullfrog tubs are just better made. After we turn off the tub, the water becomes crystal clear instantly. The dials, etc., are well made. The installation was also professionally done. The workers took the time to get the job done right. In short, we’ very happy with our hot tub and would give our highest recommendation to Best Hot Tubs.