Best Hot Tubs for Your Lifestyle

Today’s blog headline, "Best Hot Tubs for Your Lifestyle," isn’t just a play on words. Our company may be called Best Hot Tubs (showrooms in Westbury, Farmingdale, Windham, NY). But the hot tubs we carry are Bullfrog Spas, which with all their positive industry reviews, and their amenities and stylish designs, can pretty much claim [...]

Tips for Using Your Outdoor Hot Tub in Winter

  After the recent blizzard, many have been wondering how such weather affects their outdoor hot tubs. For answers, we spoke with Long Island Hot Tub’s Director of Sales, Mike Berkowitz, who offered the following valuable tips. “A hot tub is a valuable asset that is worth a little extra care in winter. In summer, [...]

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Are Hot Tubs Safe For Children?

  Last month’s reaction to singer Beyoncé cuddling her newborn in a hot tub was strong. Fears for the safety of her infant daughter, immersed in what was assumed to be hot water, is a natural concern. The usual water temperature in a hot tub is, indeed, very dangerous for such a young child. Of [...]

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