As September looms and schools are reopening during what is still a pandemic, kids might feel somewhat anxious. What better time, then, than to splash up some fun.


Beach Ball Fun

Beach Ball Fun

Kids love hot tubs. While parents do need to be in charge of water temperature and supervise younger children, as long as the hot tub is supervised, kids are free to enjoy the bubbling waters.

As for raising the fun level, adding a few toys and games may be just what late August needs. Plus the games will continue to be appreciated even after school begins. 

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Pool/Hot Tub Toys

Whether or not you get the beach balls inscribed with a logo like shown above, beach balls are great in a pool and hot tub. Indeed, Bullfrog Spas in a blog, offered this advice: 

“Over the years, many games and activities have been adapted for use in the pool or hot tub. Some of these include:

  • floating mini basketball hoop, 
  • tic tac toe, and 
  • ring toss. 

You can find these hot tub toys online, at a sporting goods store, or at super centers like WalMart.”


Squirt Toys

Angry Birds

Angry Birds


Squirt toys like Angry Birds Water Squirters allow the kids (and adults) to bring home their favorite Angry Birds characters for bath, spa or pool time.  

These are soft and squishy. But most squirt toys are perfect giveaways at hot tub parties or just for back-to-school entertainment, available at the squeeze of bird or trigger.



Hot Potato Splash Game

Hot Potato Splash Game




For a fairly low price, the spa toy Musical Hot Potato Smash is billed as great fun for preteens. All you have to do is squeeze the rubber potato to begin the game and start the music.

Like musical chairs, the kids won’t want to get caught with the tater when the music stops




Waterproof Board Game

Waterproof Board Game



One way to squeeze the last bit of summer fun in the hot tub is playing some waterproof board games.

One waterproof multi-game board, for example, offers the ability to play checkers, chess and even backgammon in one neat set; and how about “splash cards”  for card playing, or a toss bean bag game board with LED lights.





Bird Beverage Floating Boats

Bird Beverage Floating Boats


Floating beverage boats, like in the shape of a bird, is great for both kids and adults. The tropical bird group from Big Mouth Inc. (pictured here) offers a 3-pack, including a black swan.

The manufacturer says that the floats inflate quickly and are easy to clean. By the way, if you have more than one different looking bird like in this 3-pack offers, it’s easy to distinguish whose drink is whose.

Tip: Leaving drinks on the hot tub’s edge could make it easy for them to be knocked over when there’s a lot of activity going on, so a floating beverage boat is truly practical as well as whimsical.




Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies


Rubber Duckies Are Perfect for Hot Tubs. Yes, the youngest children will definitely love rubber duckies. But as this Pinterest photo suggests, those yellow floating toys touch the kid in all of us.





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