Note: Long Island Hot Tub is now known as Best Hot Tubs


While the kids are playing pool-volleyball and getting a workout, where do the parents relax? Of course, there’s always poolside. But many would agree, its even better to relax in the therapeutic waters of a spa, while being close to what’s going on in the pool.

Long Island Hot Tub may best be known for portable Bullfrog Spas, however, we also design/build a lot of custom spas. For this project, the custom spillover raised spa was part of a complete backyard destination retreat that included a 50-foot-long and 26-foot-wide vinyl pool, a beautiful 800-square-foot pool house, an outdoor kitchen, and an elegant Travertine patio.

The spa, made with a concrete wall and vinyl liner, has eight hydrotherapy jets, and seats 10-15 people, making it ideal for parties. It connects to the swimming pool through a stream. At night the clients frequ