When homeowners purchase an older home, they learn one thing very quickly. Some repairs are just no longer cost-effective. Whether it’s the always-breaking-down air conditioner unit, or the old dishwasher or washer-dryer, etc. After spending bundles on repairs, it’s just no longer worth it. It’s time for a new replacement.

When these owners in Windham, NY, purchased a handsome log home. Along with it, they also inherited the seller’s old hot tub. 

“They soon realized the old spa leaked, and they called us to repair it,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury/NY) and Weekly Hot Tub Service (NY Metro, Long Island/Catskills, NY).

“The spa was 15 years old. And we’ve learned through years of experience that when a key part isn’t working, as was the case here, it’s hard to tell if any of the other parts are also broken. You won’t know until the key element is repaired. This often means we have to return several times and it could happen that someone ends up spending thousands on repairs.”

On one repair visit, Bill opened up the unit to show them the insides. The internal wood-frame construction had gotten wet from leaks, which had long ago softened the wood.

“Soft wood makes it easy for rodents and other critters to chew their way into the hot tub; in this case there were a lot