When it comes to family fun and soothing hydrotherapy, the quality, size and comfort of a hot tub is at the top of everyone’s watch-for list. Being “budget-friendly” is frequently up there, too. Well, Best Hot Tubs is thrilled to say that Bullfrog Spas’ X Series hot tubs meet all these expectations.

You might wonder, then, is anything being sacrificed to achieve this? “Basically, all that the X is missing from Bullfrog’s other top-of-the-line technology is the ability to change out its JetPak Therapy System,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham).

Renter is quick to add, however, that the X nonetheless offers great massage jet therapy: the jets just can’t be changed. “However, the spa buyer doesn’t lose out on Bullfrog’s high-end reliability and comfort at this more affordable price