In the past, we New Yorkers have had our share of emergencies. But COVID 19 is different, isn’t it? We don’t know where the end of it is, and what the end will look like when it comes. All we know is, we have to soldier on. 

For some of us, soldiering on is keeping the family safe and active at home. Best Hot Tubs’ client-families, for example, help cope through plenty of spa time in their portable hot tubs —which are nestled safely in their backyards.

While it’s been a struggle, Best Hot Tubs has managed to remain open and continue to serve old and new clients — we’re just doing it in a different way. 

Our showrooms (Windham Farmingdale, Westbury/NY) were once a hub of activity. But they are only open now by appointment. That said, you’d be surprised by how much can be accomplished through phone calls and online. 

When in-person contact is required (deliveries, hot tub testing, etc.) be comforted that you are dealing with a small staff who are maintaining strict protocols of work distancing, the wearing of masks etc., and who are continually disinfecting spa and showroom surface areas. We do this both for the safety of our employees as for our clients and the communities we serve.


Bullfrog Spas: The Perfect Family Hot Tub

Room For the Family

Room For the Family

Along with durability, style, and low operational costs, one reason our Bullfrog Spas make a splash with families is their generous size and roomy design. 

Even Bullfrog’s smaller sporty models (the X series) will seat, depending on the model, from 5 to 8 adults.

You may not need to accommodate so many adults now, but it leaves plenty of room for the kids to swim around and allows for fun activities with friends and extended family when quarantine is finally over.

Of course, there’s also the benefit of the hot tub’s hydrotherapy. Nothing is better for relieving stress than pulsating jets in warm bubbly water. Frankly, in these stressful times, a hot tub has never felt so good.


We’re Also Low Maintenance

Like most mechanically-operated equipment, all hot tubs (a.k.a. spas) are not created equal. There are quality hot tubs like Bullfrog Spas that are very low maintenance, and there are hot tubs that require a lot of time and effort to keep it working.

“Not to mention that Bullfrog’s cutting-edge spas are completely made in Salt Lake City, at a state-of-the-art facility, including all their components,” says Best Hot Tubs own Bill Renter.

Hot Tub Family

Hot Tub Family

“Bullfrog Spas are definitely the best family hot tubs you can find,” he adds. “The design means that every member of your family can choose their own personalized JetPak massage.” 

Note:  In all Bullfrog models (except the X Series), the JetPak massage seats are removable and can be placed into any of the seating positions in your new spa.

And if you have a particularly large family — or large group of friends (in due course!) — Bullfrog has come out with an even larger model — the “M Series.”

When it comes to COVID-19, we are truly all in this together. To learn more about the right size hot tub for you and your family, and how we can safely get you that spa — or to service/repair your existing hot tub and/or provide needed chemicals — contact our team at:



Feature Photo (Top of Page): The family is enjoying one of Bullfrog’s “R” Series models.