Our Best Hot Tubs sales teams are frequently asked whether or not hot tubs are bad for the environment. What a relief to be able to say emphatically, No!

That is…not the hot tubs we sell — Bullfrog Spas.

And we’re not just talking about what it costs to run Bullfrog’s portable spas. How they are built, and how we install them are also important factors.



Energy Efficiency/Environmentally Safe 

As owner of three New York Best Hot Tubs showrooms (Westbury, Famingdale, Windham), Bill Renter is extremely happy to specialize in Bullfrog Spas.

“These hot tubs are the hydrotherapy portable spa of choice,” says Bill.  “But just as important, these spas are earth-friendly-hot-tubs in every possible way. Each portable hot tub is built using systems, materials, and technologies that are energy-efficient and safe for the environment.”

Indeed, data pulled together by the US Energy Information Administration and the California Energy Commission has determined that Bullfrog Spa technology offers the most energy efficiency in their class.




Best Hot Tubs' Bullfrog Spa

Best Hot Tubs’ Bullfrog Spa

100% Wood-Free

Bullfrog Spas portable hot tubs are built 100% wood-free. The EnduraFrame™ spa structure and spa base are made from ABS molded composite material instead of non-renewable wood or metal.

Built To Last A Lifetime

The long-lasting design of the entire spa foundation makes your Bullfrog Spa a lifetime value — never a ‘soon-to-be-thrown-away-into-a-land-fill’ piece of technology.

The EnduraBase™ is a molded ABS plastic base, made without wood or metal, so it will not rot or corrode. The molded base has three convenient electrical chaseways, a retractable exterior drain for easy access, and a rodent screen to keep out unwanted visitors.

The Engineering Envy of the Entire Industry

Every part of the Bullfrog Spa Foundation is precisely built and fits together the same way every time. The EnduraFrame™ supports are injection-molded Z-beams that create an exact connection between the base, shell, and cabinet. These injection molded components are stronger than a traditional wood cabinet and will last much longer than a metal frame that can rust.



Best Hot Tubs' Showroom

Best Hot Tubs’ Showroom

Recycled Materials

Each Bullfrog Spas is made from 25% recycled ABS plastic materials. Any excess ABS produced during manufacturing is recycled and reused.

No hazardous pollutants are released into our environment during hot tub production. The spa shell backing material is not fiberglass and is VOC-free.

Efficiency Leader

Bullfrog Spas simply don’t waste energy. Data compiled by the California Energy Commision shows Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs in their class and are at least in the top 5 in every category in which we produce a spa model. In many categories Bullfrog Spa models are only behind other slightly more efficient Bullfrog models.



Art: Bullfrog Spas

Art: Bullfrog Spas

Energy Efficiency

Heat is locked inside each Bullfrog Spa with full-foam insulation and heat is recycled in the spa because the JetPak is actually submerged in the hot water.

Every single hot tub made by Bullfrog Spas meets and exceeds the energy appliance standards of the California Energy Commission (CEC) without any modifications to our standard production spas for testing — and we know how advanced California is in regard to energy standards.




This is where I work. I love it.

Posted by Bill Renter, Hot Tub and Spa Expert on Thursday, October 26, 2017


Best Hot Tub’s owner, and hot tub and spa expert, Bill Renter, is a passionate outdoor enthusiast. Bill always focuses on nature — never against it. He is proud to sell a spa that does not harm the environment.

“I always install our Bullfrog Spas in the least disruptive way, even when a customer is having it completely placed in-ground. In the above short video filmed today, we were installing one of our Bullfrog Spas on Fire Island, Long Island, NY — a place where the environment is of paramount consideration.”