If you’ve never had a hot tub, you might think it odd that people use their hot tubs in summer when the last thing one is looking for is a steamy hot soak.

After all, hot tubs usually operate at high temperatures. However, not just adults, but kids love hot tubbing in summer. 

That’s because when the weather warms up, unless the spa is needed for specific hydrotherapy reasons, it is easy to turn a hot tub water temperature to a refreshing 82-85 degrees (or turned off completely), much like swimming pool temperature.

Also, in cooler months, when the water is up over 100 degrees F, a spa may not safe for children. So for the kids, this means that in summer, when the spa water is set at a temperature ideal for them, the hot tub offers play time, all the time.

Changing the hot tub water temperature is very easy. With just a push of a button, a spa can be cooled down and enjoyed when the weather is oppressively warm.

“Not only can spa owners cool off in their hot tub in summer,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs, “but a spa offers the added benefits of massage jets no matter what temperature the water is. We’re not saying a hot tub is a substitute for a much larger swimming pool. But, if a pool isn’t possible due to budget, local codes, or property size, it’s a great option.”

Indeed, people frequently want a hot tub along with a pool. For one thing, they can use their spa 12 months a year, including fall, winter, and spring, when the pool is closed. But they find that even in the warmer months, after an evening in the pool, kids beg want to “warm up” in the hot tub — which can be set at a safe temperature a bit warmer than the pool.

Of course, as you’ll see from some of our photos today, another reason kids love hot tubs is they are an ideal size for their smaller bodies. And depending on the spa model, quite a few kids, as well as adults, can fit in one at the same time.


A few tips for cooling off in a hot tub in summer:

— As long as you keep the hot tub sanitized, and the water is circulating/aerated by operating the jets, there are no concerns about using a hot tub in summer;

— Keep your hot tub cover on when not using it. It will take less time to reduce the water temperature;

— If you turn the heater completely off in the warmer months, you’ll use less power to operate the hot tub and save money;

— When you are in a hurry to get the spa water cool, remove the cover and run the jets, which will cause the water temperature to drop quickly;

— When it’s very hot outside, and the kids (or adults) are in the hot tub, have a hose or sprinkler nearby for refreshing sprays when the sun is beating down.

— You may find the kids enjoy the hot tub so much, it’ll be worth investing in some waterproof board games, etc.



Cloud Control Bullfrog App:

Cloud Control Bullfrog App:

Parents will love the option of controlling the water temperature of their hot tub even when away from home. Using a touch-screen digital display control on a smartphone or any android device, they can adjust spa water temperature and monitor it and turn jets on and off, etc. It’s also a great convenience when they are running late, and want the hot tub ready and waiting for them after a long day at work.



Kids Love Hot Tubs in Summer:

Kids Love Hot Tubs in Summer:

 While parents do need to be in charge of water temperature and supervise younger children using hot tubs, as long as the hot tub is supervised, kids love the bubbling waters. 



Family Summer Fun:

Family Summer Fun:





Using Bullfrog Spas in Summer: 

Long Island Best Hot Tubs clients purchased this X7 model Bullfrog Spa which has enough room for their extended family. This makes it especially enjoyable during summer and warm weather.